thinking about christmas


Can you believe it?  It’s already coming up on the middle of September!  We’re starting to talk about Halloween and then it will be “The Holidays!”  !!! 

I started thinking tonight about Christmas.  Namely, where will the tree go?  I think we’ll have to take the dining room table out and store it until “The Holidays” are over.  LOL  I can’t imagine where it would go, otherwise.  As it is, we’ll move the couch all the over to the window and nestle it in the crook of the living room/dining “nook.” 

Of all the apartments and houses I’ve lived in, this one will be the trickiest, I think.  Probably because we’re already pretty cramped in here.  I was telling … hm… what shall we call him? 

[insert tangent here]

We’ve referred to him as Coach and Munchkin called him Bathtub a time or two in the beginning, just to be awnry (spelling, anyone?).  His yearbook girls call him “cor-cor” but that’s a little … well, nevermind.  *laugh*  Coach it is…

[returning to the topic at hand]

Anyway, as I was saying – I was telling Coach tonight that I wish I could just snap my fingers and have a third bedroom on this apartment. I don’t want to move again but may have no choice – we just need more space.  I don’t have enough closets and I WANT an office!  I really want my scrapbooking stuff out of my closet.  If I had a 3 bedroom, I’d have a dining room and I could bring back my glorious pedestal table that’s sitting in storage right now because it’s too big, even without the leaves, for the living room. 

ANYWAY – Christmas.  (sheesh, I’m rambling tonight)  Well, suffice it to say that I’m excited.  I think it’s going to be the happiest Christmas yet. 

*yawn* Ok, I have a bath of not-so-hot water waiting for me (oh, I am SO ready for them to fix that). 

‘night, friends! Have a great week!


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