America. Love it or fix it.


Early Voting locations in Bell County:
Belton – Bell County Courthouse Annex, 550 E. 2nd Ave
Killeen – Bell County Annex, 301 Priest Drive
Killeen – Killeen Community Center, 2201 E. Vet Memorial Blvd
Temple – Bell County Annex, 205 E. Central Avenue
Salado – Salado Civic Center, 601 North Main Street
Harker Heights – Parks & Recreation Center, 307 Millers Crossing

No excuse.  You either step up and take action or sit down and be quiet.  Know this, though – nothing hurts this country (or any effort, for that matter) like apathy.  Abdication of responsibility does not make it any less your fault when the wheels come off. 

“My vote doesn’t count anyway” is not a valid excuse.  Lots of time has been spent proving how many close races have been decided by just a few votes. 

I was raised to believe that civic involvement was not only a right; it was a RESPONSIBILITY.  Just letting things be as they will be is for people who live in dictatorships or monarchies.  NOT AMERICA.  It drives me absolutely up the wall when people stand on the sidelines and gripe but DO NOTHING ABOUT IT (other than gritch, that is).


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