where have all the christmas decorations gone?


I’ve been to two Sami shows and Bow-tique, only to find a dismal absence of christmas goodies.  I didn’t find any new christmas dishes, towels, napkins, wall hangings, christmas tree doo-dads…NOTHIN!! 

*sigh*  Not a good start to the holiday shopping season.  On an up note, I did find a really neat learn to draw Tinkerbell book for Munchkin. 

She’s waving her pom-pom and doing a cheer.  ah, noise.  *laugh*  Last night, she cheered on the field with the cheerleaders.  She didn’t go to cheer camp but she was able to make it up and still cheer at the game.  She loved it.  She told me she’d like to try cheerleading in the spring.  I told her let’s finish out the year with ballet (they have a holiday recital at the end of November) and then I’d find out how much (and how often) cheerleading would be, after the new year. 

I need to have the carpets cleaned before I drag out christmas decorations.  And what to do with the table?  So many decisions.  *laugh*  Maybe we’ll get a smaller, live tree this year and save the fuss of dragging the big artificial tree out.  That tree is six feet tall and about four feet wide, so it takes up a large space.  If I turn the table, I could probably fit either possibility between the table and the patio door.  Not like we go out there anyway.  *laugh*  (you can tell that by the dead mums out there – poor things)

Well, I’ll wrap this up for now.  Later, gators!


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  1. Christmas must have missed you and plopped down here early because when we drove past Garden Ridge yesterday I noticed they were setting up the huge tent where they sell live Christmas trees. And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! 🙂 Count it as a blessing!! I don’t know why but I just have this thing about Christmas before Thanksgiving. It bugs me. I’m a bit old fashioned though.

    And what’s this noise about Munchkin in ballet and why haven’t you notified me before? 🙂 I hope you record her recital and put it online so I can enjoy it with you! Fill me in on all the details! I bet she’s a brilliant dancer! 🙂

    The little girls I teach are having their “Parent Day Performance” on Thursday. The “ballet” is complete with a dragon, butterfly, pegasus and a princess – and home made costumes to make it all seem oh. so. real. The little girls are hilarious – they really get into the acting side of it. !!

    OK enough rambling!!


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