squeals of adolescent estrogen




K & I went on a girls’ night out Friday.  A little dinner, a lot of laughing and….twilight.  It was finally here and it was pretty good.  Oh, it’s no Harry Potter.  Pirates of the Caribbean beat it hands down.  But, it was very fun to see the adaptation of the books we devoured. 

We laughed at the hoardes of young adolescent girls lined up at the ticket counter an hour before the theatre opened.  All text messages were off as their little eyes (and hormones) were glued to the screen.  When Edward appeared on the screen for the first time, the hoard squeeled with delight.  (yes, really)  When Edward and Bella kissed the first time, collective sighs and applause were heard throughout the room.  It was HILARIOUS. 

I thought the Edward character was played pretty well by HP-veteran, Robert Pattinson.  Bella, on the other hand, was played a little too wispy and waif-ish.  I thought Bella carried herself really well in the books.  Yes, she was reserved and a little self-depricating.  But the on-screen teenager was a little breathy; like she was about to have an asthma attack every time she had to talk to Edward.  Oh, before you berate me for soundng so grown-up; yes I remember that breathless first crush.  That feeling of just not knowing what. to. say. when. HE…..walks in the room.  *squeel*  You could say I really got in touch with my inner middle schooler this weekend.  *laugh* 

I will say this, though, the dramatic tension between the Edward and Bella characters was GREAT.  The ratcheted up the tension until you could cut the air with a knife.  IT was great.  That part got an A+. 

I thought the movie, overall, was a little predictable.  They spelled it out a little too clearly.  They didn’t give the audience enough credit.  It was as if they KNEW 96% of the audience has already read all four books so they didn’t have to bother with that little thing called suspense. 

Eh…not bad.  Don’t know that I’ll buy it.  I certainly don’t think HP should have delayed the release eight months for THIS.  I think the death of Dumbledore, the revelations about Snape and Voldemort were WELL WORTH a little healthy competition at the box office.  I think everybody would have won.  And, we’d have a better holiday movie season to look forward to.


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