11 days


Not that we’re counting but it is 10 days, 14 hours, 27 minutes, 51 seconds…50 seconds…49….ok, I’ll stop….


We are SO excited.  Everything is ready.  I can’t sleep.  I can hardly make myself eat (it’s too hot anyway!) and my hair is flat all the time.  (I think that’s actually the heat’s fault too.)

Oh, yeah, it’s summer in Texas, y’all..  What EVER possessed us to do this whole down the aisle in 50 yards of heavy is BEYOND me.  It’ll be perfect.  I know I don’t make any sense.  Isn’t that par for the course? 

I have these lists going in my head but I barely scratched the surface of getting them on paper.  Maybe I want something to do right before the BIG DAY.  You know, I can’t be TOO relaxed; that wouldn’t make any sense.  ROFL 

I am such a lunatic.

I’m happy – can you tell?

Tonight, Matt & I went over to Mom’s house for dinner.  I drug mom through the water sprinkler with me.  I’m not kidding – do you know how great it felt?!  Then, I thought I would be cute and drag Matt through too.  Well, he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and STOOD in the sprinkler.  THEN, he chased me across the yard with it.  Where I was just a little misted before, he THOROUGHLY drenched me.  It was HILARIOUS!

He’s the greatest thing since sliced cheese I mentioned back in October.  Just in case you hadn’t figured that out. 

*happy sigh*

I’d say I’m going to bed but Sims2 Castaway is calling my name.  I didn’t play at all yesterday and it’s beginning to nag…  I was so close to opening the ancient doors!!  Yes, I’m a dork. 



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  1. sim2 something?? you are addicted to sim games? WHEN – amidst wedding prep – do you have time to play sim games??


    btw – picturing you and matt playing in a sprinkler is funny!!!!


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