return to the blogosphere


Life gets so busy, sometimes it’s hard to find time to put two words together (that aren’t related somehow to work). 

Life in Crazyville is good.  Busy, but very good.  Some days I feel totally covered up by all the obligations that claim my time but, in the midst, is a quiet happy that surrounds our little family. 

I think we’re beginning to settle into a routine of family and, while it is very busy all. the. time, we enjoy the time we have together immensely and there is a lot of laughter. 

Munchkin has begun acting like an “OMGosh, Mooooooooooom” age girl.  She’s very independent and opinionated and, while that’s the kind of strength that will help her later in life, it’s pretty teeth-gritting right now.  Molding that strong will promises to be a challenge but certainly one I’m up for. 

She is a delight (when she’s not rolling her eyes).  She’s reading and she loves school.  Her teacher is young and lively but she’s got a lot of experience.  I love her.  She’s firm without being harsh and I think Munchkin’s in love with her.  (which makes life oh-so-much-easier)

Ah, work.  Work is good.  NUTZO – all. the. time.  You know, I like job security but somedays it’s a bit much even for me.  Don’t get me wrong – we’re making incredible progress and I love my job.  Really.  I do have one of the coolest jobs in the district; if I say so myself. 

Well, the coolest job in the district summons me.  Back to it. 

later, gators.


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