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Read THIS POST by my friend, Sarah, on Weekly Family Meetings, then come back over here.  Definitely worth a read for moms and dads. 


Coach & I remarked LAST NIGHT how frazzled we feel.  We constantly run 600 miles per hour and in 1000 different directions.  With football and school for him, Munchkin’s gymnastics and now her part in the THS play and my involvement in the show at the Civic theater, we’ve noticed a sharp decline in the amount of quality time we’re spending together as a family. 

This is a critical time for our family because we are still all adjusting to this wonderful new family thing and those opportunities to spend time together and just “be” together are really important.  While I’m greatly enjoying the show at TCT (I can do so few), it sucks up a lot of my time.  The good news is the show will open in three weeks, run for two weekends and be finished.  I won’t do another one for at least another year so my nightly time drain will be gone.


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