cold, rainy, dreary


It’s cold and soggy and COLD.  LOL

Actually, it’s really NOT that cold – it’s just wet so it feels colder.  Still, it would be a good night for a fire but, of course, I ran out of logs for the fire this weekend and didn’t pick any up so….. no fire tonight. 

My hair hurts.  It’s been in a bun most of the afternoon and the weight is beginning to pull a little.  how odd – my hair hasn’t been long enough for that in a very long time. 

A lot of Christmas shopping is already finished so I feel a certain sense of satisfaction.  I also know, though, that I’ll continue to to “graze” (shop) right up until the big day.  I still have to shop for Matt and my mother and my secret family member (not tellin’), a gift for the office xmas thing and my mentee. 

Still not sure if we’re doing the whole Christmas card thing this year.  I’d really like to but gosh I am still working on thank you notes from the wedding!  YIKES!  I swear I’ll get all of them done over the holiday – we just haven’t had a spare moment.  *sigh* 

I guess we’ll be doing well to get a christmas card done…  Maybe we’ll do those little picture cards from wal-mart.  Hmmm.. We have to take a picture for the soccer program – maybe we can double up and do Christmas too – it’ll just be an outfit change…  LOL

Family.  Gotta love it.


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