why do I open my mouth some days?


Ah, the joy of being a “professional communicator” is realizing that even I mis-communicate sometimes.  Sometimes, despite my best effort, the message is skewed and I fail to achieve my objective.  Rather than enlighten and provide sound guidance, I step on toes and hurt feelings because I didn’t include enough encouragement on the front end.  I am found guilty of the very crime I lament in others.  *sigh*

I wonder if Paul or Peter (two men I aspire to emulate before I die) ever struggled with opening their mouth and, despite their best effort, accomplishing little more than making people mad. 



About fridaynightgirl

So many hats. Only one me. Believer. Wife. Mom. Communicator. Actress. Volunteer. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Tired. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I laugh at myself and, generally, over think my life.

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