Holy Jalapenos!


Whoo, the heartburn with this pregnancy is fierce!  All day, I feel like I swallowed an entire jar of jalapenos.  It doesn’t stop me from craving Mexican food, of course.  LOL

Things here are good.  21 weeks have gone by; working toward August. 

Baby doc yesterday; this little girl is going to be a soccer player; we just know it.  She likes to kick the dopplar.  She just kicked me, as I typed this. 

The neatest part about this week is that she’s getting big enough I can start to feel the difference between shifting in her sleep and active moving and kicking. 

She’s an opinionated little thing (I have NO idea where she gets that), loves being really active at night and has NO problem letting me know when she’s ready for more Mexican food. 

I cannot wait to meet my little spitfire.  If she is anything like her father, though, her fire will be a slow simmer – lots of heat, just not outright flames like her mother. 

If you can’t tell, I’m excited.  And, now that we talked Munchkin into the idea of a little sister versus a little brother (go figure), she’s excited too.  (aside: At one point during our shopping, she finally leaned over to me and said, “mom, girls clothes are way cuter than boys clothes.”  At that point, I knew we’d won her over.)

I mentioned to mother that we’d like to have at least 3 children; maybe 4 (total).  She told me 4 was a bunch of kids but (and who would have EVER guessed I’d say this), it’s really in my heart to have a bunch of kids running around.  I think it’ll be fun.  Exhausting, expensive and exasperating (just working those E-words) but FUN!

My friend, Sarah, seems to have the mothering a small herd figured out.  While I have NO desire to go the home-birth au naturel route to delivery, I think her spunky approach to parenting is AWESOME. 

Ah, 12:36 rolls around and my Outlook reminds me I’m expected at ANOTHER meeting in 20 minutes.  *sigh*

Have I mentioned I’m going part time at work this summer?
Have I mentioned I am uber-excited about it?


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