Coffee by IV


I like this picture – I found it on another blog (

It’s one of THOSE days, folks.  I am so incredibly tired.  For any number of reasons this week, sleep has eluded me like the storied Loch Ness Monster. 

Matt is sick and the heartburn that was my constant companion throughout my pregnancy with Munchkin is back for this one.  Yeah.

Well, other than needing way more sleep than this week has provided (yes, I know it’s only Wednesday), the week is going well.

Baby is moving LOTS now.  Munchkin really enjoyed seeing my stomach jump last night.  She’s so curious and excited.  It’s fun to watch her.

Funny how God works, huh?  It was never in MY plan to space children this far apart but it’s working perfectly.  Munchkin is thrilled about the baby and I think it’s because she’s old enough not to be so threatened by a younger sibling.  She’s looking forward to “helping” and being a good big sister. 

Oh, did I mention Matt thinks she’ll (the baby) be our “warrior princess?”  LOL  Because she’s so rambunctious, he’s convinced she’ll be our athlete.  I just smile and say, “we’ll see, honey.” 

I can’t wait to meet her.  (I know I’ve said that in every post since February)

In other news (pregnancy is not the ONLY thing I think of) –

Work is good.  Clipping along at our usual crazy pace but it’s all good stuff so YEAH! 

Disney is starting to send teasers for our trip about once a week now and we are all getting excited.  This week’s little package had three luggage tags with the “What will you Celebrate” theme on them. 

Munchkin wants to make sure she gets an autograph book for all her signatures and a princess dress for her breakfast with the princesses. 

I’m going to start making a list soon of what we still need to pack and take Munchkin shopping for vacation clothes (you HAVE to have a few new outfits when you go on vacation – my grandmother taught me that!) at the end of the month.  (that way, she won’t have time to grow out of them before our trip!)

Well, it’s time to refill my coffee cup and move on to the next project.  Later, gators!


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  1. Well…put a little mocha in there dash (0kay…maybe two) of sweet and low some fat free milk and…yeah…I can go there! 🙂


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