ahhh…coffee…and Saturday!


I love Saturdays.  Not because I’m not at work – I love my job.  But because for one whole day, I can pretty much decide what happens. 

Like now.  I’m sitting in Daddy’s chair, world cup on near-mute on TV, blogging and perusing digital scrapbooking sites.  I’m still in my pj’s and the baby is happily kicking or dancing or whatever it is she’s doing in there.  The cats are laying around and Daddy is snoring snoozing on the couch… *laugh*

I love Saturday. 

We took Munchkin to the airport yesterday and it was the easiest hand-off to date.  Sandra has such a gentle way about her, she puts you at ease.  I really like her and couldn’t have hoped for a better soon-to-be-Stepmomma for Munchkin. 

After we left the airport, we found a new store (it had been recommended by a friend) called Buy, Buy, Baby.  I think they are part of Bed, Bath and Beyond b/c they are the same size and set-up.  Needless to say, we found a bedding set that is just TOO darling.

I think, with those colors, it will be a breeze to find something sassy to coordinate Munchkin’s bedding.  It’s the first big purchase we’ve made for the baby and it sparked a flood of emotions because, if we’re close enough to make big purchases like bedding for the nursery, that must mean she’s almost HERE!!!

I wish I had a window into my uterus to see what’s she’s doing in there.  It makes me crazy, speculating all the lumps and ripples and jabs. 

Well, I’m off to figure out what kind of glider we have – maybe I can order new cushions for it (smart) instead of a whole new glider (not so smart). 

Lunch with my dear friend, Sarah today.  I can’t wait!!!  It is a rare treat when she comes into town and I’m SO looking forward to it!


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