were you singing that just now?


Have I mentioned Coach and I are a match made in Heaven?  No, really.  We are like peas and carrots, as Forrest Gump would say. 

Besides all the great compatibility things that we have in common, my very favorite thing about our marriage is how much we laugh.  All the time, I tell you.  He tells horrible jokes a lot of the time and we have our own ways of laughing about it.  (I’m the funny one, Dear.) 

What’s fascinating though is how often we do things together.  Now, I don’t mean go places together or spend time together.  I’m talking about simple stuff, like saying the same thing at the same time, SNIFFING at the same time, yawning at the same time (not one of us yawns then the other – I mean, literally, at the same time) and a million other things. 

Last night, I’m sitting on the couch and he in his chair.  I’m playing Harry Potter and he’s fiddling around on his computer.  All the sudden a certain praise song pops into my head and I start singing it.  He looks at me and says, with a very astounded look, “were you singing that just now?”  Apparently, it was in his head too!  We had not heard this song on the radio.  We had not heard it on TV.  It spontaneously popped into BOTH our heads AT. THE. SAME. TIME! 

I just love that!


So. I had several very random and bizarre dreams last night.  In one of my dreams, we’re back in my grandfather’s house.  (which is currently being occupied by his horrible widow; a woman who, immediately after the funeral, shut us out of her life and the home my mother and brother grew up in.  She now allows a man, to whom she is not married, to live there with her, in my GRANDPARENTS’ HOUSE.  She dishonors his memory by her very presence and I am disgusted to say she was ever part of our family.)  Ok, sorry…  So, Munchkin and I are in my grandfather’s house and I’m going into the kitchen when I notice a giant frog in the floor.  In the dream, I tried to find a big tupperware bowl to cover it up so we could safely get it out of the house when it starts hopping around Munchkin, trying to get away from all these people!  Well, the frog is hopping, and Munchkin is hopping (and squealing) and I’m standing there, with this big bowl in my hand.  Then I woke up.  I don’t know what they mean; I’m just reporting the news, folks.

My second dream had a different tone. 

We were at Mother’s house and had all laid down for a nap.  When we woke up, we noticed several walls of the living room had been BLOWN OUT and a house down the street had a target on it.  I told Mother to call the insurance company because you can’t stay in a house with no walls.  (logical – now here is where it just all falls apart into weirdness)  Mother says we should call the police because, obviously, somebody blew up her house and the house down the street was next!  So, we call the police but the FBI shows up.  They say there were reports of an american flag in the sky over the house about the time of the explosion (how we slept through a BOMBING is beyond me but that’s my dreamlife, I tell ya) and this was domestic terrorism and we would have to all be questioned. 

Then, this lady (the human equivalent of Roz, in Monsters Inc.) sets us all around a low Asian-style coffee table (I told you it was odd) and starts asking dumb questions that I can’t remember now.  What really took the cake was the fact that the FBI agents, one of whom was Brad Gunn, a coach at the High School, discerned the explosive device was cleverly hidden in a baseball they found mostly blown up in the front yard.

Where does my brain come up with this stuff?

Well, it’s 7:45 and I’m going to start getting ready for church.  (that means I’m going to have my first bowl of cereal)

Speaking of cereal – funny thing.  I went to the store the other day and picked out three new boxes of cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Life, and Frosted Mini Wheats.  YUMMY.  My only problem is I can’t decide which cereal to eat.  I think cinnamon toast crunch gets the nod this morning.  THen, I’ll have a bowl of life cereal later this afternoon and finish off the day with frosted mini-wheats for dessert.  Hey, it’s better for me than oreos and milk.  And, babycenter says the baby needs extra calcium right now so, by golly, I’m going to give it to her!  🙂

I joked yesterday all this cereal makes me a “cereal killer.”  As those words were coming out of my mouth, Coach said, “just don’t say killer after cereal.”  Told you we’re weird.


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