Money Trees in Washington?


Now, I am the very last person who would want to see teachers lose their jobs – I am related to more teachers than I can shake a stick at.  But, in all honesty, where is this money coming from? 

The billions of dollars that have been spent or promised by this administration to “shore up” “bail out” or otherwise stimulate “growth” is staggering.  What kind of real growth can be expected with all these (very, VERY expensive) band aids?? 

Genuine change must come by re-evaluating practices and fixing the root problem rather than just throwing money at the issue for a year or two.  All that will be accomplished by these millions upon millions of dollars of “aid” is to delay the inevitable.  And that is a shame. 

Obama is building a legacy of over-spending, over-promising and over-reaching.  People who don’t live on government aid will end up shouldering the crushing debt he is amassing.  People like us.  Not rich folks who grimace and gripe at the tax-bill but end up being able to pay it.  Folks like us – those of us trying to save up to buy a house; those of us who wonder how on earth we are supposed to save for college for children still in elementary school; those of us who wonder what on earth saving for retirement looks like.  Folks like us who count on a little extra coming back from filing tax returns so we can replace the tires or brakes on the car or pay a little extra on a student loan or something else. 

I want to help others.  Truly.  My heart breaks for those who find themselves in desperate circumstances that may be out of their control.  And it is very hard for me to take a hard-line and penalize adults for poor decisions, knowing that it is their children who will suffer.  But then I stop myself and ask, are we not creating a new generation of people expecting to be taken care of; regardless of the reason for the need? 

Learned helplessness and generational poverty seem to be products of this new philosophy of “help everybody” but, the unfortunate truth is that we’re helping nobody.


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