no self-examination here, thank you


If I have learned anything in the past two years it is this:

  1. 1. No good deed goes unpunished.  If you come up with an idea that will help others, it is sure to be:
    1. more work than you thought it would be;
    2. more trouble than it’s worth
    3. completely thankless in the end.
  2. Saying “no thank you” is not an option.  This is an all-you-can-eat not an all-you-care-to-eat project buffet.  You WILL stuff yourself with projects and deadlines until you feel like exploding (or quitting).  You will smile when given another task; no matter how banal or how much of a time suck it presents.  Oh, and while accepting these projects is not optional, neither is anything but perfection on all the other stuff you were supposed to be doing all along but now don’t have time to do because your plate is otherwise full. 
  3. You WILL receive hateful correspondence and you will suck it up and take it.  There will be no option for recourse, response or retaliation.
  4. Self-reflection is not necessary or invited.  You will be told what your mission and objectives are and you will complete these and ONLY these – or else.
  5. Working yourself to death is a very good death and should be aspired to by all participants.

In conclusion, while Golden Corral has all-you-can-eat steak, it doesn’t mean it’s any good.  I generally shy away from buffets because the food sucks and you almost never actually see a value in food versus price.  You’d probably actually save money (and your waistline) if you’d picked one thing from the menu.  I think that lesson bears remembering come October.


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