Wish I had mopped first


Back in the summer (before Munchkin came home from NJ), I got on a Sims 3 kick.  I created a family with two children.  Boy, was that a crazy thing – the game took the kids away one time; another time the older child ran away….  In the game, I just couldn’t respond to their needs fast enough AND take care of my own sims’ needs.  Now that Princess Crybaby is here and we brought home the dog (basically like having a toddler in the house) I know what the sim mom must have been thinking, “CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!”  How often, as moms, do we sacrifice our own needs to ensure our children have what they need? 

I don’t know where I’m going with this post.  I am unhappy I left the house a mess this morning.  We were gone all day yesterday so laundry didn’t get done and I didn’t mop the floors AND I didn’t go grocery shopping.  Also, I’ve become accustomed to having time after I drop Munchkin off at school to tidy up from the morning getting-ready blitz.   I didn’t have time to do that this morning b/c Munchkin has a dentist appointment at 3 so I needed to go into the office early so I could leave early.  On top of that, Princess Crybaby decided she was hungry again so everything stopped while I fed her.  Then, the dog needs to go out, the cat needs his insulin shot….see where I’m going with this?  Is it any wonder my hair gets shorter everytime I get it cut?

I’m not unhappy with our situation; I think this morning ruffled my feathers so I’m whining.  I’m a creature of habit, routine and schedules and deviating from that irks me.  I love a really clean house but also will tell you if I have to pick a 10 minute shower, 10 minutes with a smiling, laughing baby or a swiffer job on the floors – the shower or happy baby will win every time.  IF that means my house isn’t magazine ready, then so be it. 

Ok, I’ll quit.  Have a tidy day!


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