Only Thursday…Really?


*whew* It’s been one of THOSE weeks. Work has been all media. It’s a good thing I like that stuff or it would have been a horrible week.

Princess Crybaby is doing very well. We had her 2 month appointment yesterday and she’s at the 75th percentile in length (at what point does it become height – when they are vertical? LOL) at 24 inches and the 90th percentile in weight at 12 pounds 13 ounces. Nobody is worried she’s not eating enough.

She showed off for the doctor too, smiling and laughing and watching him and trying to “talk” to him. She was all grins until it was time for the shots. God, I hate those. The first shot obviously made her cry but the second and third shots hit her like a ton of bricks and she howled. Pure outrage and disbelief that we, her beloved Mommy and Daddy, would inflict (or allow another to inflict) such pain upon her. HOW. COULD. WE?!

Munchkin followed suit and kicked up a royal fuss about her flu mist – she’s gotten one every year since Pre-K but you’d have thought we were coming at her with this:


Have I mentioned if she changes her mind and decides she wants to be an actress, I fully expect to see THIS:

Ok… it’s time to get out of here for the day.  I’m beat, Crybaby was fussy at lunch and Munchkin’s dad and fiance are on their way from Austin for a weekend with Munchkin. 

Later, gators.


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