To my sweet kitty, Oscar.

Today was the day we decided you’d suffered enough. You weren’t responding to the insulin, you were dehydrated and your body temperature was low. You followed me down the hall this morning and let me hold you in the chair; something you haven’t done since before we moved.

You were saying goodbye.

For almost 13 years you have been my friend.  You sat with me in the dark closet, when I needed a place to hide. You sang to me because you knew I liked it. You were content to let Kali be the alpha because you knew you were my favorite.

And now you are gone.

I miss you already.

I don’t know how Kali will deal with the death of her mate. I will try to help her through it and not lose her too. 

I knew this day would come but I don’t think you can be ready for it.

I held your face in my hands as you died.

My heart hurts.

Goodbye sweet kitty. I will never forget you. I will listen for your song but never hear it.

You will always be with me.


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  1. I am so sad that your sweet Oscar is gone, and tears came to my eyes when I read your words. I had my wonderful kitty named TC put to sleep two years ago after watching her hang on without eating or drinking. I keep her with me in my email address which is tcletsdance. I still have her ashes and haven’t spread them yet. I think I will bring them back to Texas where it is warm.

    love, Ms. Harlan


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