The power of a clean house


I know I’ve posted before of my love affair with a clean house.

The events of the past week made it a perfect time to scrub this house from top to bottom.

Life is a lot like my house. It entails a lot of coming and going and so, despite sweeping and dusting on a regular basis, every now and then you have to make time to wipe down baseboards, clean the oven and scrape away the grime that just builds up from regular use.

I think scrubbing floors on my hands and knees, oiling and polishing my beautiful, beat up antique table to a shine was just the healing balm I needed today to clear my thoughts.

Tonight, I am laying on the couch, tired from today’s efforts but feeling more at peace then I have in a while.

Who knew squeaky floors could be so therapeutic? I wonder if there is a scripture about the power of cleaning?



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