Random thoughts on Christ – a mom’s perspective


I sometimes wonder what conversations with the boy Jesus would sound like if he were born into a normal, 21st century American household..  Maybe something like this:

“Jesus, I dont care if you are the Son of God, you are going to eat your spaghetti.”


“I know you are the Son of God but you still have to do your math homework.”

I wonder if Mary yelled at Jesus out of frustration, like every other mom in the history of the world has done or if she would be more restrained because she knew who He was.

I wonder if Jesus talked back as a little child.

I wonder if Jesus went through a biting phase.

Would Jesus share his toys with the other children from infancy or was he selfish; like all toddlers?

I try to imagine Jesus as a little child.  For some reason, it is hard for me to imagine the Savior with a runny nose. Or being potty trained. Or having a temper tantrum.

I think about how miraculous childbirth has been and how humbling and terrifying motherhood has been (and continues to be) and wonder how, on Earth, Mary was able to cope; knowing she was raising the Savior.

Am I the only one who thinks like this?


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  1. No, you are not the only one wondering! I wonder about this all the time! What did Mary think when Jesus outgrew her one day. I mean physically became taller than her! Did Jesus get sent to time out? Or spanked with a rod? Haha! I love wondering about this – I can’t wait to ask all these questions. Jesus probably has a power point program we all have to sit through when we get to Heaven, all of us asking the same questions… hahaha… now that’s a funny thought!!


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