Cereal Diaries – meat!


Ok, so I chickened out on the squash and green beans.  THEY ARE AWFUL.  I can’t stand the smell of pureed squash.  haha

But, we DID try meat.  And she loves it! 

Only one store in town carries this brand *sigh* so we are pretty limited.  The word from other moms in the aisle is the gerber stuff is pretty icky.  This stuff is a combination of chicken, sweet potato and brown rice..  Pureed it tastes like….sweet potato grit.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this is primo for baby food meat (let’s be honest, chicken by itself tastes awful).  Most importantly, Princess Crybaby thinks it’s fantastic so I love it and we stick to this brand exclusively for our meat consumption.. 

Otherwise, eating is going well.  She’s not as roly-poly as she was because she is starting to scoot around.  Not quite to crawling but she’s getting really close.

Speaking of, I’d better jump off and check on her.  Tata!


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