Ok – Day 1 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit


This was like childbirth. Hardest work you’ve ever done and you don’t think you can go on one more minute. Then, you get a brief little break and, “ok, let’s do it again.”

Over and over last night, we “dug deeper” and found just a little more inside that enabled us to hang in there a little longer.  It wasn’t pretty but we were doing it.  K and I made it to the last two sets before we had to stop because we just couldn’t go any further. I was in tears and my legs were so shaky I couldn’t hold myself up for the last two rounds of exercises.

But, considering it’s been more than two years (the lead-up to the wedding) since I’ve had any kind of fitness regimen, I’m pretty darn proud of our start.

I’m looking forward to getting stronger and leaner. K & I pinky promised to hold each other accountable for eating well because, frankly, the idea of eating something fattening and undoing all the torture we are putting ourselves through is worse than another circuit of Shaun T’s suicide jumps or mummy kicks.

Speaking of Shaun T, I am REALLY impressed with his attitude.  He’s so encouraging.  Even though you KNOW it’s a DVD and he’s talking to a camera, when you are in the middle of arguing with yourself whether you can do one more low plank oblique, he looks straight into that camera and says, “I know it’s hard but you can do this.”  Corny?  Maybe.  Did it work?  YES. 

At the end, when we were sitting on the floor, crying and stretching because we couldn’t finish, I felt a little sorry I couldn’t find it in myself to push through to the end – it was only about 6 minutes when it all comes down to it.  But I know it’s also counter-productive to push past my ability and get hurt.  I bet the next go around we WILL be able to finish.


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