This is nuts


I’m just sayin’. 

Waiting is fine.  A lesson in God’s timing?  Maybe?  I’m totally ok with that.  But this is bananas. 

In other news: Princess Crybaby has her first tooth!  A little white tooth is poking through her tender little gums and giving her no end of fodder for whiny-ness. 

In other, other news: The day after I soak the grass (which hasn’t been watered since, oh, NOVEMBER) the sprinklers are working and the grass gets watered.  It wasn’t long so I don’t know how much good it did.  I imagine I will still run the little sprinkler a few days to help the ground soften up. 

I’ve had an idea about putting paving stones around the “patio” in order to create little more usable space for the grill and maybe a couple of chairs.  It would delay the need to replace dead grass that was killed by 1. sitting water last fall, 2. a total lack of water through the winter and spring and 3. the high traffic area by the back door (i.e. “patio). 

I think we’ve decided to stay in our house, rather than taking over Mom’s house.  I know it would be a little more affordable and would have an extra bedroom (HELLO OFFICE!) but the drawbacks, while they are minor, would add hassle to our lives and that is counter-productive. 

So, we’re looking to improve on our great little house.  YEAH!  I love a project.  (a major reason I love summer)


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