I spoke too soon

We are still trying to figure out the magic combination of rocking, singing, stories and other bedtime routines that will help her get to sleep at a decent hour.

CONCLUSION #1: She is some kind of night-owl/morning person mutant.

She won’t go to sleep before about 10 but she wants to get up with me at 6. Um, that would be ok if she was five or six but she still needs more sleep than that. So, by 10, she’s ready to nap.

I know the right answer is the one that works so I’m trying diligently not to stress about this (as Coach likes to say).

Everything else is going super well. She screams like a velociraptor from jurassic park, eats anything you put in her mouth and is starting to walk!!! She’s hilarious and affectionate and funny and exasperating. (does this remind anyone of descriptions of Munchkin?)

CONCLUSION #2: I see a trend in the personalities of my children: brilliant little whirlwinds that can make you want to laugh, cry, pull your hair out – all at the same time…

Yesterday, I started putting the spoon in her hand and letting her feed herself. Yes, it went right in her hair. It was great fun. Getting the spoon away from her to actually get some food into her mouth wasn’t so fun [insert velociraptor screams here].

CONCLUSION #3: Bananas might not be the next big thing in hair gel but maybe they should be. They are quite…effective at freezing hair.

I intend to fill up her little pool this morning so we can put her in it later today. She loves the water.

Life is good.


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