So much fun – a letter to Princess Crybaby


You just turned 11months old and every day you astound us with some new discovery. You are walking like a pro, you love your sippy cup, you and the dog are regular buddies now, you love to “talk,” point and, in general, charm everybody you meet.

Yesterday, you tried out your first real temper tantrum; complete with tears! Your little face was so red! You didn’t know it but I wasn’t really ignoring you. I watched you the whole time, out of the corner of my eye.

I can’t wait for your sister to come home and see how much you’ve grown. You and she will be like peas and carrots, I bet.

Some people say that the toddler years are the hardest. Some people say it’s those rocky preschool years, or elementary, or middle or *gulp* high school… You get my drift.

You know what I think? I think every stage will have hard parts. I think there will times in every age that will scare us, hurt us and make us mad. There wil be phases where it will seem we are forever at odds and, I’m sure you’ll inform us, we must hate you (that will NEVER be the case, my baby).

But. Do you know what else I think? Most of the time will be a lot of fun. Watching you make new discoveries, learn new things, meet new people, learn new skills and, in general, set the world on its ear.

I am so glad I’m your mommy and I have a front row seat at the greatest show on earth. Barnum & Bailey doesn’t have anything on our Family Circus. I love you.


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