Indignation Station


Have I mentioned how exhausting people are and how much passive-aggressive behavior wears me out?

In this spirit, I will post instructions on how to appropriately write a passive aggressive note.  Because, if you are going to do it, at least have the decency to do it correctly.  Whoever you are.  *giggle*

Seriously, though.  I think what exhausts me more than anything is how quick people (in general) jump on the Defensive Train and ride it all the way to Indignation Station.  (this sounds like the beginning of a School House Rock song)
Ok, I’m done.  It’s no skin off my back.  I won’t stop asking questions when I want to know things and people will still get defensive as a first response (learned that from one of my asst. supts.) until they understand asking questions isn’t an attack. 

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  1. Propaganda frequently serves the needs of the sender over the needs of the receiver. There is a wise adage that says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Luke 6:31). At home with Mom and Pawpaw there was the ever elusive “somebody.” “Somebody left the door open.” “Somebody left the toothpaste out.” “Somebody forgot to feed the dog.” “Somebody…” you get the picture. The “Do unto others…” bit is from a highly ambitious fellow Who had all kinds of ambitious ideas for they infused with His spirit. Actually what he was saying was, “I will do these things through you when you don’t feel like it…but none the less…this is how we are going to roll…one way or another. So one horse bucks and farts and chases away from the rider which incites him to chase after it. One horse comes to the fence when the gate opens with hopes of a small bite of sweet feed (feed laced with a very tiny bit of molasses. Who had the power in the relationship. Well, clearly the horse had it as she was ten times bigger than the rider and able to trample said rider to bits…or was it the rider who trained the horse to come when the gate was opened by always having a hand full of sweet feet for the horse when she came? The message was the same “let’s ride!” He who chased his horse passively or actively aggress. She who chases not her horse makes a habit of having sweet feed when going through the gate…..Just Saying….Seriously. ::kiss::


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