Dig Deeper!


Dig Deeper!

No, I’m not talking about Insanity workouts.  I’m talking about education.  This is a great article about the recent National Assessment of Educational Progress report.  I am sick to DEATH of people making surface judgements without really digging into the data and waiting until they actually know what they are talking about before they start spinning those headlines.  (or worse, knowing the facts and spinning those headlines anyway)

But really, this goes so far beyond education.  In our lives, how often do we make surface judgements before we’ve even had a conversation with someone?  Completely disregarded something because of a brief moment with it?  Passed along some dumb email without checking the facts our ourselves simply because it came from somebody we trust?  Smeared on some silly platitude based on selective scripture searches, rather than spending actual time getting to know the Word and, therefore, know what it REALLY says?

Dig deeper, people.  Demand the truth; not headlines.  NEVER accept what you read on the internet, in the newspaper or magazines as gospel.  Do your own research. 

The slant to the left or right in the media is not new.  Media bias is as old as the craft itself.  Why?  Because people write it.  That is not condemnation; it is fact.  I’m not telling you to get out the tar and feathers or begin a denigration of media, in general.  I’m telling you to recognize they are out to increase circulation, ratings and sell advertising.  Yes, there are MANY reporters out there with a commitment to telling the story accurately and without bias.  LOTS and LOTS and LOTS.  But do your own research.  Don’t take their word for it.  EVER.  Don’t take my word for it.  DIG DEEPER!


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