Flowers that know my name


I made a crack earlier in the week that I could grow flowers just until they figured out it was me – then, they’d die. It’s as if I have a reputation with all things green and leafy.

I’ve tried to grow flowers and from time to time they live longer than a month. But, most of the time, it’s like they just give up and die. They hate me. But I love them anyway.

I know enough to know I can’t grow Gerber Daisies. They REALLY hate me. Like calling on acts of God (not kidding, people) hate me. I’ve tried twice to grow them and BOTH times (yes, really) there has been a freak hailstorm that completely mowed them down. Zinnias aren’t much better. They start out ok but then they get all wilty and brown around the edges.

Hydrangeas are better but I haven’t tried in a few years.

My favorite flowers to grow are hibiscus. Especially the orange and bright pink ones. They just say summer to me. Begonias are pretty easy too. I like impatiens but they die the first moment it gets above 70 degrees during the day. So, that’s about two weeks in the spring. I like petunias but I don’t know how to cut them back without killing them. See, isn’t this sad?

If I had the time and talent, this is a dream yard:


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