Taking Notes


So I’m getting ready to start a new job. There are a lot of similarities with my current job, but I’m also learning there are going to be some things that are VERY different. For example, I haven’t done for-profit marketing in more than 10 years. A LOT has changed in 10 years. Social media didn’t even exist back then. I’ve heard of search engine optimization for years, but it was never a priority so I’m not 100% on the how.

So, I’m going back to school, so to speak. Over the years, I’ve collected a group of favorite marketing websites that (for the most part) may or may not have helped with my current job, but will be a perfect fit for what I’m about to do. so, I’m reading up on all the things that have changed and looking for some quick starters for opening conversations like, “hello, I’m your new marketing manager – tell me how I can help you..” *giggle*

Later, I’m going to go pack my office, try on costumes at the theatre and maybe g0 do just a little shopping.

Happy Saturday, y’all!


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