It’s the end of the world…wait, what? No? Oh, ok.


12/21/12. I’m sure there are lots of posts about this 21st day of December, 2012. Facebook is positively exploding (unlike the planet) with posts about it. I’m sure it’s trending on twitter and tumblr. (Goal: See how many social media sites I can mention…check)

In all reality, I didn’t really think today was the End of Days. Specifically because everybody said it was. I don’t, generally, put stock in stuff like that. I’ve learned if a website is started for a specific event and they use Times (in italics, no less) in the header, it’s almost CERTAINLY  a hoax.

So. What am I doing today? Working, of course. Tonight, we have NOTHING. I repeat, sports fans, NOTHING on our agenda. Now that’s something to blog about.


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