Reflect grace upon grace #hellomornings


Hellomornings – Day 1 – May 6

Today it was easy to get up because I was excited about starting the study. Princess Crybaby was up a while last night (and not happy about not getting to stay in Mommy and Daddy’s bed) so that made it a little harder to go ahead and get started, but my enthusiasm won out.

I am excited about this study and am glad I decided to start my morning a little earlier so I could read my bible. Now I’m off to get the house moving for school and work.

John 1:1-18 –

What did Jesus do? He was the agent of creation. All things were made through him and, in turn, he is in all things.

What did Jesus teach? (What truths, promises, and commands did Jesus declare?) From Jesus we learn of gods glory in a very hands on way. That receiving and believing him would in turn give us the right to become children of god.

What did Jesus call himself?
The Son
The Word

What true things do others say about Jesus? John said Jesus was the Word, and the Light.

What is one truth about Jesus and/or His promises from today’s passage that I need to meditate upon and believe today? I must find away to reflect that grace upon grace (vs 16) that I have been given. Also, like John, we are not the light, but we bear witness about the light. This in turn tells us how we are to share the Gospel: I have been shown grace upon grace and I am a child of God; not because of blood or any good works I’ve done, but because I believe in the truth of the Word.


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