Hellomornings – Day 3


John 1:35-51

– What did Jesus do?
Gathered his followers. I actually chuckled out loud this morning, reading. This was social networking at its finest: Two friends to start, then they bring a friend, then they bring their brother James… LOL

– What did Jesus teach? (What truths, promises, and commands did Jesus declare?)
You believe because I saw you under the fig tree – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

– What did Jesus call himself? (You might consider creating a list, with a tally of how
many times Jesus calls himself certain titles.)
The Son of Man

– What true things do others say about Jesus?
John calls him the Lamb of God.
Nathanael proclaims that he is the Son of God

– What is one truth about Jesus and/or His promises from today’s passage that I need to
meditate upon and believe today?
When Jesus shows up, GO with him!

Q. Is Nathanael John, Jesus’ friend and the writer of this Gospel?


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