Preparing for the Harvest – Hellomornings – week 2 – day 5


John 4:31-45

– What did Jesus do?
Stayed with the people several days, teaching. Then, he went on to galilee, where he was welcomed.

– What did Jesus teach? (What truths, promises, and commands did Jesus declare?)
He spoke to the disciples about living food.
He also told them about the harvest, which is the salvation of people.

– What did Jesus call himself? (You might consider creating a list, with a tally of how
many times Jesus calls himself certain titles.)

– What true things do others say about Jesus?
The people told the woman: We believe, no longer because of what you told us but because of what we’ve seen for ourselves.

– What is one truth about Jesus and/or His promises from today’s passage that I need to
meditate upon and believe today?
Others have sown the seeds of salvation. It is my responsibility to watch for opportunities to help bring in the harvest. Other times, it will be my turn to plant seeds; even if I am not to bring in the harvest.


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