What IS a King? Hellomornings – week 3 – day 1


My first post this morning as a co-AC. (That’s like a group admin)

**Monday, May 20**
Good morning, friends! I hope you had a great weekend!! Week 3! This week, we learn about Jesus as our King. What does Jesus as your Sovereign mean to you? Do you struggle with the concept of Jesus as King? Personally, this is a very hard idea for me. As an American, living in the 21st Century, the only monarchy I’ve seen is the royal family of Britain and their version of monarchy is, I believe, very different than the absolute power and dominion held by previous monarchies and CERTAINLY by God. I am an avid history lover, and have studied many ancient monarchies, but its hard to put Jesus, King of Kings, into a category with any of them.

It is easy to see Jesus’ divine authority here, though. He knows the hearts of these people is rooted in disbelief, but his grace for these people is so complete and unending, he heals the official’s son anyway.

How hard is it for YOU to see Jesus as your sovereign King? Am I, like the Galileans, just as likely to fall into the pattern of asking for more signs, instead of bowing at the Throne and worshipping my Creator and King, in all his glory? I am praying for you today, friends! You can’t know what a blessing you are to me!

John 4:46-54

– What did Jesus do?
Healed the official’s son

– What did Jesus teach? (What truths, promises, and commands did Jesus declare?)
That, despite our own disbelief and demand for more signs and more displays of his power, he is sympathetic to our heart’s cry and his grace is unending.


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