Stones – hellomornings – week 5 – day 2


John 7:53-8:11*

The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus by brining him the woman, caught in adultery. If he let her go, he would be speaking contrary to The Law. If he condemned her, his message of forgiveness would be upended. But, as usual, Jesus saw through this trap and reminded them of the TRUTH in the law that they conveniently chose to ignore. They were ready to stone this woman. They wanted to. The savagery of the sinful human heart is all too ready to commit unspeakable violence against one another; and to have a legitimate reason (prescribed by God’s law) seemed even better. But Jesus KNEW the condition of the human heart; that is the reason the other part of the law is there: “let he who is without sin…” Only those who were, themselves, holy and purified were to exact God’s judgement. It is, I believe, the primary reason God says, “vengeance is mine.” He KNOWS we are are so filled with sin as to be completely incapable of following the law and, in turn, ensuring that others do the same; or face the consequences when they don’t. I believe this was Jesus’ masterpiece: to reveal the cancer in the human heart and provide the only cure: himself.



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  1. This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased…not because she pleases me but because she looks into the only eyes Who see who she is and who she is created to be. Love …only four letters…an eternity of meaning. I do…love you…


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