Not listening – Hellomornings – week 5 – day 5


John 8:48-59

There comes a point in any argument when one person just stops listening. Anything the other person says is GOING to be wrong and, therefore, must be disputed. This argument between Jesus and the Pharisees has gone on for an entire week. When the Pharisees were cornered and knew they weren’t “winning” the argument, they took up rocks to stone Jesus, because he claimed to be God. Their disbelief was so deeply embedded they were completely unwilling to hear and entertain the possibility that they were wrong and jesus was exactly who He said he was.

How many arguments have I been in where I was so convinced I was right that I Would. Not. Hear. Anything else? How many times has my stubbornness rendered me completely unable to see anything but my own point of view?


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