In 2005, when I lived a different life, I wrote about my vision of Heaven. It’s changed a bit since then.

white house with green shuttersHeaven still looks like smalltown USA. I can still see my house with the hardwood floors, screen doors and gerber daisies. It’s white, with green shutters. It’s early summer. 

picnicIn my daydream of heaven, the kids are all still kids. They are chasing lightening bugs in the yard (so, I guess there have to be bugs in heaven after all). Riley has just come back from fishing with my grandfather. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother are showing me (again) how to make peach fritters and the house smells of peaches and summer. Matt is (what else) playing in the yard with Asher and Emory and Madison is reading on the porch swing. Cookie is working on whatever “honey do” list (I’m sure) my mother gave him; smiling all the time (because that’s just who he is. <3) My brother and his family and my sister and her family are there, too, of course. They walked down the road for dinner.


Most importantly, we’ll all be together. For always.



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