When I can’t see the bottom



I have this thing about water. If I can’t see to the bottom, I don’t want to put my feet in it. Because who knows what’s down there. In the dark. I know there are living things. Moving things. Biting things. Things that will hurt me. And I don’t want any part of it. I wonder if there is a phobia for “fear of murky water.”

I love the water. I love boats. I love listening to water and wading my toes into the surf at the beach. But IN the water? Um…I think I’ll just sit under the umbrella, with the camera.

I know. I’m weird. Sue me.

ps. this is a metaphor for my fear of the unknown or unexpected; but I don’t want to poke too closely at that this afternoon. I AM really afraid of murky water, but I am also very afraid of the unknown and I HATE surprises. (like something nibbling at my toes or something sharp or squishy on my feet. *grimace*)


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