Hello Mornings: Taking Refuge

Hello Mornings: Taking Refuge

Ruth 1:1-5

So excited to start this new session of HM. Ruth is a lovely story and I’ve read it many times, but never really stopped and spent any time with it.

So, the assignment is to read the passage and write what jumps out, then write a sequence of events, and, finally, to read judges 2:11-19 and note what’s taking place in the country during this time.

But first, I wanted to know how far away from home and why they’d gone in the first place.
Visual Bible
Neat maps that show the journey, specific to Naomi and Ruth.

Elimelech takes his wife and two sons to sojourn in Moab, due to the famine in Canaan
Elimelech dies.
The two sons marry Moabite women.

The Matthew Henry Commentary (MHC) suggests it was a sense of duty that took the family of Elimelech across the Jordan into Moab. To sojourn means to move, but without plans to stay forever. They were, in a way, refugees fleeing the famine in Canaan.

But they get over there and Elimelech dies, leaving Naomi and her two sons. They, in turn, marry Moabite women. Why did they do this? Why didn’t they go back home after their father’s death? It’s i the resting to note the MHC says that Elimelech probably had no idea his sons would marry women outside of their faith but, “But those that bring young people into bad acquaintance, and take them out of the way of public ordinances, though they may think them well-principled and armed against temptation, know not what they do, nor what will be the end thereof.” Which is a really fancy way of saying if you allow your children around bad people and situations, don’t be surprised when something bad happens.”

That caused me to stop and really think about some of the lessons we have to teach and, frankly, UNteach in our house. We are a public school family. I work outside of the home. My children are exposed every day to children growing up in homes without Jesus. This does not make them bad children, or their families and homes unsafe. It means that, as their parents, we must constantly work to ensure they are hearing enough truth to balance all of the noise they hear, and give them a foundation strong enough to withstand the temptations they will face because we have chosen not to shelter them from the world, but to raise them to be Godly in spite of it.


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