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Just Keep Swimming


For the thirtymillionth time this week, “just keep swimming,” is in my head. It’s August and that means summer is officially over. Not that we have much summer here, in Crazyville.

Coach is off, but he gets pretty tired of being “off” after about a month and the Cheerleader is back at daily workouts and practices after the 4th of July. So, we stay pretty busy even when we’re not so busy. Our normal “not so busy” looks like a lot of other families’ super busy. #sportslife

Margaret Thatcher and The Boy have both asked to play soccer this fall, the Cheerleader’s booked us up every evening but Saturdays, and of course Coach practically lives at the school now.

So. Hi.

My last post was right before the election. And then THAT happened. I am still so speechless at the utter circus in the White House right now, I don’t even know where to start.


I started Camp Gladiator and I’m already down a pant size. But, more importantly, I realized this morning I can’t remember the last time I took Advil in the evening because I was achy and creaky from sitting in my chair all day at work; carrying all that stress in the back of my neck or back. Work is still a barrel of monkeys every day, but I no longer dread feeling like I’ve been drop kicked in the face every night.

I’m also using my standing desk more often, drinking less coffee/more water, and making myself leave the office and go home for lunch.

Ah, work. Still a great job. Still love what I do, love the team, love what we’re accomplishing. This is the Empire Strikes Back part of the project so we’re all working really hard, feeling like we’re not exactly getting anywhere, but it’s just a plateau. We’ll push through and then we’ll be back off to the races. We’ll work it out.

I feel myself coming to a bit of a crossroads with work. There is so much still to do/build/accomplish. But the past few months have felt like a total grind and I’m really missing building, training, and COMMUNICATING. I have done this work thing in this brain, and with this heart long enough to know that communication and training other people how to communicate is where my passion is. In the words of Tigger, “it’s what Tiggers do best!” As important as pulling and analyzing metrics IS and as much as I’m 100% committed to what I’m doing RIGHTNOWDONTLOSESIGHTOFTHISPROJECT, I know I’m going to have to get back to training/communicating or I will begin to atrophy those muscles I’ve worked so hard to build over an almost 20 year career. God did not create me to be a Commander type for nothing.

Since my last post, I promoted to Director with Thirty-One Gifts. Something I don’t post much about here, but it’s become a really important part of my life. I truly feel part of something with Thirty-One that I don’t have anywhere else. Yes, it’s one more thing to do, but it’s as much part of my day as coffee.


I’m certain there’s more. But, this is a lot in one update. For my friends who follow me on facebook, none of this is news, but I miss writing (see my bit above about not creating content).

Later, gators.


put your shades on, turn       up the music, &        DEAL WITH IT. 







hissy fit


I’ve generally outgrown fits. I find they accomplish almost nothing; other than a general emptying of my spleen. When the dust settles from my colossal temper-tantrum (and I can whip it up with the best of them), the mess about which I got all frothy remains and then I have damage control to do too. Makes me tired just thinking about it. But, I will confess I left the house this morning in the mood for a good yellin’.

So. What, exactly, is the best course of action when “come, let us reason together” hasn’t worked? Mother says I should change my approach, but I’m so one-minded about this issue, frankly, I’m just not in the mood to look for middle ground. Isn’t that dumb?

My house is a mess. Literally. I’m not normally a sloppy person. Now, nobody would accuse me of being OCD about cleaning; unless I’m mad about something. (then you’d better just back away and let me scrub) But this has gotten beyond me.The sink is never empty. Clothes just get transferred from one basket or pile to another. And don’t get me started about the floors and dust. Where did all this stuff come from? How did it get so bad?

Mom stopped doing it. That’s how. Now, before a certain redhead of my heart starts beating up on himself for not doing anything, let me jump in and say I consider the house MY dominion. I’m terribly old-fashioned. I believe in a division of labor. My realm is the house. Yes. I work outside of the house most of the day. That’s because we like living in a nice house and driving a nice car and going on trips and I enjoy shopping far more than I enjoy NOT shopping. But. I still believe it is my primary responsibility to take care of the house and all things involved in home (food, clothes, etc.). So. What’s a reasonable person to do when she wakes up to realize she’s completely abdicated responsibility for keeping some semblance of order in the house?

I thought about throwing a fit, stomping my feet and unleashing a little of that infamous temper (even told my mother that’s what I planned to do), but I’ve already talked myself out of that. After all, I just said it’s my responsibility. I’m just going to fix it. [insert steely-eyed look of Mom Determination that my family recognizes as “Mom’s on a mission”] While I know it didn’t get cluttered overnight and, therefore, won’t be uncluttered tonight, I can make a big start. And I intend to do just that. Without a fit. Just work. And child labor.

Yes, Virginia, it’s snowing in Crazyville!


Thanks to a neat little extra (courtesy of the geniuses at WordPress), it’s snowing in Crazyville!  Don’t ask me how they do it, I just think it’s fun.  It’ll go away in a couple of days, though, so don’t despair – we’re not changing our location from Texas to the North Pole anytime soon!!!

For now, enjoy a snowman on us.