It’s January. That means I’m getting back on the program and being more diligent about what I eat. (see how I worked My One Word, Diligence, in there?)

I like Weight Watchers because I have no idea how they come up with their points (other than fat and carbs), so it’s too hard for me to game the system and starve myself. The problem with Weight Watchers is making the food I like fit into the points. If I was a single girl with no children, this would probably be easier. Let’s face it: how many times did I stand at the kitchen sink and eat a bowl of cereal for dinner? But the kids are still young enough that dinners around the table are very important. Here is where this gets tricky. I am old enough to have tried and not liked a lot of food. You might say Munchkin gets her food pickiness quite honestly. I’ll try almost anything and dislike it just as easily.

So. That means most of the food I REALLY like (meatloaf, spaghetti and meatballs, Mexican, Italian, etc) is completely off limits. Or, so I thought. Yesterday, I did a google search for (and yes, I really did) “good food weight watchers doesn’t hate” and found a bunch of blogs devoted to the art of making food that tastes good AND fits inside the WW program. I started looking up chili dogs, taco salad, chicken parm, meatloaf, lasagna, etc. All those recipes my family LOVES, but will now cost me a million points to eat (and THAT explains everything). (sidenote: WW is famous for saying no food is off-limits, but 1/14 of a slice of double-stuff pizza does not a meal make. I’m just sayin’.)

The site I ended up on was called EmilyBites and she’s adorable. I like her writing style AND the food. I mean, this approaches that Martha Stewart Cookie book. Sweetpea, you KNOW what I mean.

So, last night, I went to the store and bought ingredients for two recipes: Taco Casserole Bake and the 15 Minute Stacked Tostadas. The total was $25. I made the Taco Casserole Bake and it was a HIT! Well, Munchkin wouldn’t eat it because “it’s SPICY MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.” And that was that. Princess Crybaby tried it and didn’t hate it so I’ll consider it a victory.

Here is a link to the recipe. Super quick to put together and a total YUM-fest. And, at 7 points for a nice portion (you know what I mean; who decided portion sizes, FOR REALZ?!) I can totally make this program work with food like this.

ps. On her site is a fun little app called Ziplist. You can save the recipe and turn it into a shopping list. Well, they have a lovely little iOS app and BANG! Shopping was a piece of cake. No paper. Bazinga!