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The dog



Remember Poppy? She’s made herself right at home with our little crowd and now we aren’t sure what life was like before she got here. True to her advertised size, she’s about 40 pounds and she’s just about done growing –  I think. We’ve given in and she now sleeps on the bed with us. At one point last night, she had wiggled her way up between Coach and me and kissed me on the nose. Her head was on MY PILLOW.


She is whiny, she won’t stay outside for longer than 46 seconds at a time, and she likes to eat paper. A LOT. And, she steals The Boy’s chips, animal crackers, cookies, or whatever else he has in his hands if he doesn’t keep it away from her (which, most of the time, he doesn’t).

She’s mine. Really. My dog. What!? I’m not a dog person, remember? I like cats. But she’s my dog. My very own Poppy Calypso. And I love her.