Official Ribbon Cutting


Welcome to Crazyville!

If admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, then I, fridaynightgirl, am coming clean – I’m crazy. I live with crazy people. We live in Crazyville. And boy what fun we have! (most of the time!)

Our Cast of Characters (and boy aren’t we characters!):

fridaynightgirl: Queen Bee Crazy
Munchkin (the five-year old): Princess Crybaby  (no, she’s not really a crybaby – I’m being clever, dang it!) 
My mother: the Queen Mother
Crazyville kitty mascots – Oscar & Kali.  Oscar’s my roly-poly baby and Kali’s my grumpy princess.

You’ll see other characters around here, I’m sure, so feel free to stop by any time. It’s a safe bet things will be loony.

The population changes, depending on who wants to play Playstation but we average in between 3 and 10 on any given day.  There’s usually coffee going and I can almost always find something to snack on.  So, pull up a chair and get comfy!