Home Again

Back from San Antonio.  Coach & I went down Sunday for Coaching School.  We stayed in a very pretty hotel, just across the street from the Convention Center and the Rivercenter Mall.  We were about three blocks from the Alamo and a very short drive to everything else.  We had fun walking through the exhibit hall with all the vendors and I found a great book I’m going to buy for my Mentor Board.  He found some leadership stuff he’s going to use with his boys and he’s really excited about it. 

The drive back was nice – we took 130 around Austin, instead of cutting up through the I-35 traffic and I’m telling you, we may never take I-35 through Austin again.  DEFINITELY worth the extra few miles of open country! 

Met a few of the wives while at CS and, like the vast majority of everything else, it was all about football.  I can see how Coach gets a little huffy around stuff like that.  I know this is Texas, folks, so I don’t need to be reminded about Friday Night Lights and how football is god around here.  I love football.  There is something visceral about the crisp October air, the buzz of the stadium lights, the marching bands, … well, you get it.  It’s part of the Texan psyche. 


While my love for high school football isn’t diminished (I dreamed about season tickets last night – yes really), I have discovered a new love.  The look of real grass, the intellectual game that is able to tie you as tight as a bowstring with suspense – the players’ game (as Coach calls it) – Soccer.  I really do love the game; even though there are parts of it I still don’t understand. 

It would have been nice to find a few soccer wives there to visit with but I have a hunch that if they are as independent as their soccer-coach husbands (and most of the soccer coaches I’ve met walk to their own drummer anyway), that might not happen very often. 

But, it was still fun. 

We ate REALLY good Mexican food the whole trip. 

Casa Rio, on the Riverwalk

mi Tierra with their wonderful bakery and foil decorations that dazzled your eyes – and the food – best tamales I’ve ever eaten!

Shopping at El Mercado (I found a gorgeous flowerpot that I can’t wait to put on our new patio!!  🙂

It was a great trip.  San Antonio just might be my favorite city in Texas to escape to.  It’s just different and wonderful and yet so very familiar from years of visiting.  It’s like seeing an old friend – you may go years before visiting again but, when you get there, it’s as if all is still right where you knew it would be.