This part of the rehearsal process

We’re coming into the final three weeks of rehearsal for the show and these 10:30 nights are killing me.  *laugh*  Even two years later, I feel older and a little less capable of processing new information at 10pm than I did during King and I.

Still, it’s fun and I’m having a really good time. 

Things are good at work.  Busy but really good.  I’m getting projects done and checked off my list and I feel like I’ve got a better handle on how to tackle some of the projects that snuck up on me last year.  I’ve applied to be a presenter at next year’s PR conference.  I don’t know if I’ll be chosen but I’d never know if I didn’t apply.  So, what the heck, right?

My office is a mess but I’m making progress!


I’m Going BLIND

Editing logos is making me crazy.  But they are going to look SO cute when they are finish. 

Rehearsal last night was…interesting.  It reminded me a little of high school, where we would watch the choreographer figure out what she wanted us to do DURING rehearsal.  There was a lot of standing around but it was still fun.  I think it will look really cute once it’s finished, once we know what the heck we’re supposed to be doing (besides kicking invisible sand at each other) and swinging towels around. 

Ah, what a weekend

I think I’m settling into a routine without the Midget.  I’m not eating very healthy and I noticed it when I stepped on the scale at Mom’s house.  The good news is the number is going down but the bad news is that it’s because I’m not eating.  I mean, I’m eating but not really what or as much as I should.  But what girl in her right mind will really quibble about 5-10 pounds? 

Rehearsal was fun tonight.  We didn’t actually get to the part that the nurses had been called for but we bonded amongst ourselves and that was GREAT fun.  We acted up, laughed, supplemented dialogue with our own whispered commentary and, in general, acted like silly fools.   It was terrific.

I really like the girls in the cast and we’re having a good time getting to know one another.  I wish Paige would come over and play with us – it would make it more fun. 

Quick update to my politics experiment: Senator McCain’s camp has STILL not emailed any response and I have received nothing from either Senator Hutchinson or Senator Corwyn’s office about the Energy Bill inquiry I sent last week.  It’s only Monday, though, so I’ve not given up totally.  *grin* 

Why does my cat lick the bottoms of shoes?  Doesn’t he know how GROSS that is?! 

I think I’m tired now.  Goodnight, friends. 

Call the Nurse

You rang?  *giggle*

Well, actually the director did.  Last night, around 9:30pm.  He “can’t” offer me Nellie but wants to know if I’ll be in the show anyway.  Well, of course I will.  And not even be upset or disappointed about it.  I don’t know who he cast but I’ll find out tonight, at the read-through. 

So, I’m a nurse!