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warning: uber-dork post


This game is SO stinkin’ fun!  🙂  I’ve been waiting for it since Christmas, when they announced a March-April release…  puh-shaw – it released last week sometime… 

Oh well – it’s still fun and defintely was worth the wait.  I’m remembering all kinds of things from the books and that’s helping get through the levels without any walkthroughs…  (yes, really)  It made me even more excited about the November release of Year 7: Part 1.  WHEEE!!!  Bring on the midnight showing – yes, I will be there.  Nana, please plan to have the girls. 

Coach even gave it a spin and, even though he experienced some technical difficulties late last night (or very early this morning, as it were), I think he likes it too…

Munchkin called this morning from Jersey and said her dad read on facebook that I got the harry potter game and she wants to play it once she gets home…  *laugh*

My Dork Empire is nearly complete!  Now, if we can raise the Stowaway to the Dork-side, we’ll be masters of our very own Dork-iverse… 

Mommy is bringing me a double-decker taco – I’m hungry already!  I can’t believe it – I ate a BIG bowl of Lucky Charms (M’s favorite cereal) this morning.  Must bring snacks.

Ok, back to work.