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Just Keep Swimming


For the thirtymillionth time this week, “just keep swimming,” is in my head. It’s August and that means summer is officially over. Not that we have much summer here, in Crazyville.

Coach is off, but he gets pretty tired of being “off” after about a month and the Cheerleader is back at daily workouts and practices after the 4th of July. So, we stay pretty busy even when we’re not so busy. Our normal “not so busy” looks like a lot of other families’ super busy. #sportslife

Margaret Thatcher and The Boy have both asked to play soccer this fall, the Cheerleader’s booked us up every evening but Saturdays, and of course Coach practically lives at the school now.

So. Hi.

My last post was right before the election. And then THAT happened. I am still so speechless at the utter circus in the White House right now, I don’t even know where to start.


I started Camp Gladiator and I’m already down a pant size. But, more importantly, I realized this morning I can’t remember the last time I took Advil in the evening because I was achy and creaky from sitting in my chair all day at work; carrying all that stress in the back of my neck or back. Work is still a barrel of monkeys every day, but I no longer dread feeling like I’ve been drop kicked in the face every night.

I’m also using my standing desk more often, drinking less coffee/more water, and making myself leave the office and go home for lunch.

Ah, work. Still a great job. Still love what I do, love the team, love what we’re accomplishing. This is the Empire Strikes Back part of the project so we’re all working really hard, feeling like we’re not exactly getting anywhere, but it’s just a plateau. We’ll push through and then we’ll be back off to the races. We’ll work it out.

I feel myself coming to a bit of a crossroads with work. There is so much still to do/build/accomplish. But the past few months have felt like a total grind and I’m really missing building, training, and COMMUNICATING. I have done this work thing in this brain, and with this heart long enough to know that communication and training other people how to communicate is where my passion is. In the words of Tigger, “it’s what Tiggers do best!” As important as pulling and analyzing metrics IS and as much as I’m 100% committed to what I’m doing RIGHTNOWDONTLOSESIGHTOFTHISPROJECT, I know I’m going to have to get back to training/communicating or I will begin to atrophy those muscles I’ve worked so hard to build over an almost 20 year career. God did not create me to be a Commander type for nothing.

Since my last post, I promoted to Director with Thirty-One Gifts. Something I don’t post much about here, but it’s become a really important part of my life. I truly feel part of something with Thirty-One that I don’t have anywhere else. Yes, it’s one more thing to do, but it’s as much part of my day as coffee.


I’m certain there’s more. But, this is a lot in one update. For my friends who follow me on facebook, none of this is news, but I miss writing (see my bit above about not creating content).

Later, gators.


put your shades on, turn       up the music, &        DEAL WITH IT. 







Endings & Beginnings


All things come to an end. Today was the last day of my maternity leave. Ever. I’ll never be pregnant again. Never give birth again. And I’m ok with that. Pregnancy is scary. I can’t un-know all that can go wrong, or how quickly things can go from fine to nightmare.

Endings. How we say goodbye to things is as important as how we say hello. I cried a little today; not out of sorrow, but a sense of finality. I AM getting too old for the bone-grinding exhaustion of a brand new baby; the never-ceasing demands of very small children. While The Boy is small and sweet and oh, so, snuggly now, he is also fragile and very young – when so much is out of your control. That is where prayer comes in. Because rather than hang up on all that COULD happen, I will choose to spend my time being thankful for them, and all the moments that come with them: funny, soft, heart-breaking, and exhausting. The joy, sadness, pain, satisfaction and disappointment that comes from parenting little people who are so like you, but still their own little individuals.

I am not going to lie. In the middle of those not so warm and fuzzy moments, I find myself looking to the heavens, saying, “what, EXACTLY, can I be thankful of here?” More often than not, the heavens are silent. Not because He’s not paying attention, but like every good counselor, He’s waiting on me to figure it out myself.

I’m still learning.

So, tomorrow is a beginning. I pray it will be a blessing and that, in turn I will have an opportunity to bless those around me. I am nervous and excited. I know the skills required and hope to get my sea legs quickly. I go in with eyes wide open that the pace will once again quicken and work will become more demanding, but in a skill set that is more in line with my skills. We shall see.

I’m still learning.

Beginnings and endings. One chapter closes, and another one begins.



Today is Wednesday. I woke up to the sound of Princess Crybaby whining in her bed. I let her whine. She woke up happy this morning and I didn’t wake up with feet in my ribs. I’d call that a success! Downside to whining at 2:30? Preggers Mommy can’t go right back to sleep. SO, I feel a little dazed this morning. I’m hoping coffee will solve it. *grin*

Overall, things are going well. I need to come up with a nickname for baby #3 for the blog – any suggestions? I feel great (besides still being uber-tired and HUNGRY a lot of the time). I don’t know why, but I feel like this is our boy. This pregnancy is so different from the girls. Virtually no morning sickness, food cravings not involving sweets, exceptional tiredness, but overall a piece of cake so far.  This baby is going really easy on me. Maybe this baby will be my sweet, compliant son. Why are you laughing? 

The girls are good. Munchkin finishes standardized state testing today. I’m confident she’s done well. She’s a smart kid and she has good teachers. The entire testing system is ridiculous, but I don’t have a good solution beyond abolishing it, so I’ll just be thankful to have a child who performs well and doesn’t seem to suffer very much at these things.

Princess Crybaby is growing like a freaking weed. I think, in the last month, her arms and legs have sprouted – all the spring dresses we bought her before Easter already require leggings underneath; and not just because this weather is schizophrenic. It was 80 Monday; 45 today. She hasn’t even been able to hardly wear them because it’s been so up and down and the ups turn down in the middle of the day so I’m never confident she won’t be cold. URGH. Ready for summer.

It’s cold in my office, but it’s always cold in here so it’s hardly worth remarking. I have decided to bring lamps in here. These florescent lights are driving me crazy. Other than that, work is good. I’ve created some projects that are keeping me busy enough not to mind being stationary. Boy, that’s probably the single biggest change. Being in one place all day long. I don’t know that I’ve had a job where I didn’t get out and travel since my very first job out of college.

There are so many things I could blog about, but haven’t found a way to articulate them so, for now, I’ll just wait (or put them behind a password).

Taking Notes


So I’m getting ready to start a new job. There are a lot of similarities with my current job, but I’m also learning there are going to be some things that are VERY different. For example, I haven’t done for-profit marketing in more than 10 years. A LOT has changed in 10 years. Social media didn’t even exist back then. I’ve heard of search engine optimization for years, but it was never a priority so I’m not 100% on the how.

So, I’m going back to school, so to speak. Over the years, I’ve collected a group of favorite marketing websites that (for the most part) may or may not have helped with my current job, but will be a perfect fit for what I’m about to do. so, I’m reading up on all the things that have changed and looking for some quick starters for opening conversations like, “hello, I’m your new marketing manager – tell me how I can help you..” *giggle*

Later, I’m going to go pack my office, try on costumes at the theatre and maybe g0 do just a little shopping.

Happy Saturday, y’all!

From my Mother


It is a fire in your belly that drives you through the long hard endless hours that seem to evaporate when you get illusively closer…closer…closer to the set goal that helps move the machine that promises to serve children…build children…encourage children…bring the hearts and minds of children into the light of promise… It is afire in your belly that drives you to AN OCCASIONAL twelve hour day followed by then rest and working your program so you are strong and encouraged and equipped in your heart and mind—living in the light of promise. I love you my girl and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! NOW….you’ve had your twelve hours….work the program and make sure and rest up! Love, Mom


That is, quite possibly, the coolest thing my mother has ever said to me.

Crappy Day


This day has been a big, smelly, load of gross. Seemingly, everything that COULD go wrong, DID. The only thing I can think of that would have topped off this day is 1. locking my keys in my car or 2. getting pulled over.

Despite great planning and stellar coping skills, there were several technical issues with our parent meeting tonight that caused the wheels to come off in front of 500 parents and, naturally, The Boss.

The car is acting up. Again. The only bright side to this day’s car nonsense is the promise we are going car shopping VERY. SOON.

And I have another day that looks just like this one to look forward to. Joy.

Not for the first time, I wonder if is time to look at another line of work. Not because I don’t love what I do but because there is not enough of me to cover all there is to love. Ever. No matter how hard I work, no matter how much I achieve, there is always more to do/accomplish/overcome. There is never a single moment to reflect. To decompress. To breathe. It is a constant state of hyper-aware.

Like Alice’s White Rabbit, I’m always late. Always just on the verge of panic. Regardless of the reality of my level of preparation (which, most of the time, is pretty damn detailed), I always feel like I’m winging it. I loathe that about myself. I know it is because I am a perfectionist. My problem is that I am the black swan. I hear my darkest fears just over my shoulder (You are inadequate. You are incapable. You are NOT ENOUGH.) and so I rub and polish and worry until I’ve worn away all the shine on something. Even if there was never anything there.

Sinatra would say, “That’s Life,” but I wonder if it really has to be. *sigh*

g’night. I’m giving up on this day.

Living in Crazyville


I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to think Crazyville isn’t just some silly name I came up with when I was designing this blog. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the more accurate labels I could put on our life.

Working in the school district, I get spring break off. During spring break, it became abundantly clear how desperately I’d been craving some downtime. We didn’t go anywhere and just being home, with no games, meetings, appointments, dance classes, work functions, WHATEVER was amazing. It was probably more time together, as a whole family – maybe ever. Crazyville.

Then, school started again and immediately we were right back up to our eardrums in all of the above. I woke up Tuesday morning after spring break and that knot at the base of my neck was back. In less than 48 hours. Crazyville.

Then, you come to something like our crazy day today. (incidentally, from the time I posted the diagram of my afternoon to now, the picture has changed three times) Crazyville.

How do we simplify? Coach can’t stop being a coach. Well, he could but that’s like telling me to stop singing. I tried that for a season and all the color went out of my life. Not an option.

I can’t stop doing my job. Well, I could but what would I be gaining other than some free time? And, who’s to say it would work? I am a high-octane personality who tends to grow my job into a high-octane job; no matter where I am. My job today is significantly bigger than when I inherited it – I did that.

We could stop taking Munchkin to extra activities but I don’t think anybody would accuse us of overscheduling our kids with extra-curriculars.

And Princess Crybaby is just a toddler along for the ride.

This may just be a season that we’ll grow out of (or just have to live through). All in all, we have a great life – just a busy life. Crazyville.

When it rains….


In meetings all. day. long. 
I can smell the smoke coming from the piles of “OMG get it done RIGHT, NOW” smouldering on my desk. 
I can feel that knot forming right at the base of my skull. 
2:30 comes and my meeting is over.
I sigh a small sigh of relief because I have 30 minutes to do a couple of very small tasks before I have to leave.
The phone rings.
A reporter comes over to get confirmation on rumors.
The daycare calls and says Princess Crybaby is running a 101.7 degree fever.
I was hoping to go to the bank and store.
Coach is in College Station tonight with soccer. 
Munchkin and I have to be at the theatre at 6:30.

I heard a young pastor a few years ago say, “if you aren’t in the storm, keep your umbrella handy because it’s coming.”

preach on brother.


So I found a website today that I am in LURVE with!  You can enter a string of words and it will create a “wordle” for you.  Like this one:

Isn’t that the COOLEST thing you’ve ever seen?  Yes, I think so too. 
This is where you nod your head and agree with me (or you shake your head because I’m a hopeless dork.). 



2nd Day of school and my feet and legs are KILLING me! 

That being said, I’ve been to 8 campuses so far.  Tomorrow, I’ll go to the southside campuses and snap pictures and video.  It’s been a good start.  I’m ready to settle down a little bit, though, and get into some kind of routine. 

I’m tired too.  Did I mention that?  I went home yesterday and sweetpea sat in my living room while I napped.  I felt awful for falling asleep when I was so eager to visit but I could. not. keep. my. eyes. open. 

I found two new projects.  I’m excited too.  A pair of sisters with sparks in their eyes.  There is something special there that, I think, just hasn’t been discovered yet.  It’s going to be a good year. 

Not really, no


I promise I’m not really watching the clock.  I’ve got lots to do and I’m doing it. 

See how busy I am? 

To Do List:
artwork to vendor – done
f/u on $830M DoE funds inquiry – done
pull last week’s pictures off camera and post – done
water that sick looking little plant – done
arrange p/u of phone books for campus – done

And I’ve only been here since 9:30! 

And yet….everytime my phone beeps I’ve got an email, I say a little prayer, let out the breath I sucked in and check it. 

Ok. I’m going to take a little break and refill my coffee. 

I CAN and WILL wait patiently. 
I CAN and WILL wait patiently.
I CAN and WILL wait patiently.
I CAN and WILL wait patiently.

Pole Position


I can remember that game – Pole Position – my brother and I played it all the time!  (he almost always won)  It was a cool racing game before racing games were cool.  haha  The point of the game, of course, was to maneuver your car into first place and win.  You did this by racing around corners at badly animated speeds.  (well, bad compared to now)

Looking ahead to this week, I can already see an exhausted me at the end of it.  We’ve come to the part of the year where we have something almost every night; sometimes two or three things.  It’s pole position – just in real life; with better graphics, no music and people instead of cars – maneuvering around obstacles and insane curves (schedules), trying to get to the finish line (friday night).

Monday night, I have my standing meeting for the bond.  (and there is a board meeting but I can’t go to both)  Wednesday after school is Munchkin’s dentist appointment. Thursday before work is an appointment I’m looking forward to.  Thursday afternoon is the egg stuffing party for our staff easter egg roll.  This weekend already has plans rolling too.

We are less than a month from early voting.  This rush of information has been good practice and helped me really hone my time-management and organizational skills.  I’ve always had the ability and I really good at pulling off the impossible (most of the time) but I’ve certainly been able to put that ability on the test track with this bond to where it is an all-the-time endeavor, rather than a project-based focus.

Even though it’s crazy busy, life is really good.  I made an appointment at the end of May for an all-girl day with Munchkin before school is out.  We’ll go to lunch (anybody know a fru-fru place open on Saturdays, in Temple?), haircuts and new nail polish at the salon then, the day I’ve been promising for going on five years – I’m going to let M get her ears pierced.  That way, she’ll be a few weeks into the routine before she goes to her dad’s house for the summer.  We’ll be a week from summer break (I told her she could get them the summer before third grade).  It will be our special day.  I will probably cry.  (because I’m a sap like that)

I’ve got to get her registered for summer arts camp at the CAC before too long and find somewhere for Princess Crybaby to be during the summer since her daycare is through the school district and it’s only during the school year.

Also on my Munchkin list – she is asking about baptism so we’re going to make an appointment for her to sit down with Brother Andy (our pastor) to talk about what baptism is and why it’s important.  Then we’ll know she’s really ready.

*whew* I’m going to be ready for a vacation or something after May 14.  Hold on, folks – here comes another corner!

Downhill Slide


10 1/2 days until Christmas break. Thank goodness. Holy guacamole I am tired.  And not the kind of tired you feel when you’ve had a long day or you didn’t sleep well. It’s the kind of tired from having a long YEAR.*laugh*

On the homefront, all is great. Princess Crybaby is getting big. She is so alert – one of her favorite activities is watching people walk by.

She wants to talk and I think it aggravates her that she can’t make her mouth form the sounds she wants to make.

Munchkin’s teeth woes continue. I fear the fact that both her parents have less then great teeth combined guarantees we will have problems with her mouth.  I should get a job now to start saving for braces.

She had a tooth filled back in April. Well, the tooth was damaged and now requires a root canal. We started that treatment this week. The endodontist was top-notch and I really liked him. He used a lot if big words and I felt like I spent the better part of his explanation with my mouth hanging open with an expression you might see Mater make….uhhhh, whut?

Before and after school soccer practice has started so I don’t see the Coach much.  I’m excited about the season and hope the boys do well and we get through it with no serious injuries.

Speaking of soccer, what on earth is up with picking Qatar for the World Cup in 2022? That’s just stupid.

Work is going well. We have our annual clean up tomorrow and, while it has morphed into something quite different than the original intent if the day, it should still be a good day.  Work, otherwise, is fast and furious.

Oh, did I mention I’m doing another show? I’ve been cast as Grace Farrell in Annie. It opens the end of January.

I’ve become a little superstitious about doing shows as somebody important to me has died in the last three shows I’ve done.  Roy Finney, my beloved friend and mentor, died during the run of My Way. I miscarried Riley doing Godspell and my sweet kitty, Oscar, died right after I found out I was cast in Annie. Weird, huh?

Well, other than the insane juggling act that is my life right now, nothing is really going on.

*hysterical laughter ensues*

If you will excuse me, I will go slip into my white jacket with the buckles on the back now….  standard uniform here, in Crazyville.

‘night, friends.



Definition: noun. Fearful anxiety

I have strong mixed feelings about returning to work.

I hate the idea of putting Princess Crybaby in daycare during the most important time of her development.  I know this is what has to happen but I don’t like it. 

At the same time, I want to get back so I can see what is waiting for me – good or bad.

Not standing on solid ground at work is maddening. I am tired of always feeling like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff.

I fail to grasp the reason I should constantly question my value to the team or whether I’m even part of the team anymore. It’s tiresome.

During the time of instability, at least I knew where I stood. Knew I was needed. Hey, they came to me. Now, I’m not so sure.

I am not afraid of change and know I bring a lot to the table.  The question is, will I have an invite to the table when I get back?

Then there is the matter of wanting to be at home full-time but not knowing if that will ever be possible.  I can make the math work in theory but we all know reality is rarely as tidy as theory.


More than bread


Despite the overwhelming success of our backpack program this year, I felt a lack of satisfaction.  A creeping sense of bitterness and cynicism linked to the effectivneness of what we’d done.  Certainly, we accomplished a great work.  We brought more partners on board than ever before; collected more donations than ever before and turned those donations and those willing hands into more backpacks than ever before. 

But did our backpacks teach anything?  Empower anyone?  Change anything?  These questions haunted me all summer because the answer was no. 

This morning, in small group, we read John 6.  It’s the familiar story of the loaves and fish miracle.  Truly astounding, when you consider the number of people and limited resources.  Of course, when Jesus is over portion control, it all works out and everybody gets fed.  Beyond that first part, though, is the second part of the story.  The next day, after the storm, after the crowd meets back up with Jesus the following conversation happens:

26Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. 27Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

In that moment, something clicked.  In that statement, I heard the same lack of satisfaction by Jesus in the feeding of the 5000 – it was not enough that they were fed.  That wasn’t what it was about.  He longed for them to realize what more he could offer; if they would just believe. 

While I would not dare compare my hopes to the filling satisfaction that is salvation, certainly there is something to be said for modeling my work/ministry after this voiced desire of Jesus? 

Yes, I believe there is a need to provide the backpacks; just as Jesus saw the need to feed the crowd.  But the true ministry is NOT the tangible thing.  It is the opportunity; the yearning to teach them something that lasts far longer than something like a nylon backpack, spiral notebooks or pencils.

I will take this next six weeks to pray and re-focus the heart of this ministry that is Partners in Education.  And, hopefully, when I return to the District in October, I will have an inspired idea. 

Now THAT is a satisfying feeling.

end of the road in sight


Like it or not, little Stowaway, your arrival is imminent.  I know you might have it in your stubborn little brain that you can choose to stay in there forever but that’s just not so.  I’d love to see you before next Thursday but next Thursday IS the day when we will see you. 

We have a doctor’s appointment today and I am hopeful that we will have made enough progress to go across the street.  Coach doesn’t think so (I think he just says that b/c he wants to win the bet) and Munchkin is kind of hoping you’ll wait now so she can bring home the new puppy.  I’m tired of the waiting but I’m even more tired of wondering when it will happen. 

Yesterday was a great day – completely exhausting, but great.  We changed our back to school event from a convocation to a professional development conference.  SO much more relevant and I think the teachers got a lot out of it.  I did a session on social networking and how it can be dangerous to your professional reputation.  Hopefully, it was informative. 

I will post pictures of the baby dog tonight, unless we’re having a baby.  🙂

yes we CAN!


TXU found the house!  We’ve scheduled electricity!  Now we can move!  Today, I’ll get the lease and let Coach go down to the City and set up the water account and the two critical items will be done.  Yes, yes, we’ll schedule Time Warner Cable but seriously, folks, these people are clueless.  Yesterday, they told me I couldn’t move service from one zip code to another without starting a whole new account and that we would get a credit but we’d lose the rest of the MLS Direct Kick package we bought. 

Does this sound like good business practice to anybody?  This entire summer, TWC has been irritating us with their sloppy billing errors, multiple mixed messages about our service and, in general, the poor quality of service.  And then to tell me I can’t move two miles away from this apartment in 76504 to a house in 76502 (in the same city) without basically starting all over again – just about takes the cake. 

I told the gal on the phone yesterday DirectTV was looking better and better.  (not that I really want satellite, mind you, but I’m just about at the end of my patience with our current set-up.)

In other news…

Wait, there isn’t other news – we’re in full moving mode.  I’ll spare you today. 

Work is good.  The great thing about summer is that I can pretty much focus on one task at a time.  It’s such a nice change from the hectic pace of the school year when 20 things are happening or due at once. 

I’m working on the website today and getting some letters out and order thank you notes for our new donors.  I might go in a little early so I can get started.  After cereal, of course, Oscar…  No, sweet kitty, I won’t forget your milk.



it’s banquet week and, in typical fashion, I’m EXHAUSTED.  How about a whiny moment?  Great, thanks!


Ok, I’m better.  No, I’m not.  I am taking work home.  Banquet work. 

It’s hard to be excited about this “appreciation” party when there is so much work and so little appreciation.  No matter how hard I try, somebody is going to be disappointed, aggravated or mad. 


I know this is an important part of my job and I really do enjoy event planning.  This event is just a hard show to pull off.

Ok, I’m done whining.  I’m going to pick up something yummy to eat for dinner, go home and listen to my kiddo read (love that!) and curl up in the comfy chair with my laptop and work on the program.

why do I open my mouth some days?


Ah, the joy of being a “professional communicator” is realizing that even I mis-communicate sometimes.  Sometimes, despite my best effort, the message is skewed and I fail to achieve my objective.  Rather than enlighten and provide sound guidance, I step on toes and hurt feelings because I didn’t include enough encouragement on the front end.  I am found guilty of the very crime I lament in others.  *sigh*

I wonder if Paul or Peter (two men I aspire to emulate before I die) ever struggled with opening their mouth and, despite their best effort, accomplishing little more than making people mad. 


hoping for platinum


So, today is the first day of my annual conference.  I go to one professional development event a year.  While I’m there, I enter a few things into Star Awards.  Last year, we won a Best of Category for our new identity package and several gold and silver stars.  This year, I entered our communication audit for a Platinum Award – the highest award category.  I think we have a good chance – the audit was solidly researched, thoroughly executed and we took the results and DID something with them – lots of somethings, actually. 

I’m so excited!  I hope we win!!!  Boy wouldn’t that be nice affirmation of my work.  HA.  Who says PR is the appendix of a school district?  Sorry, I’m digressing….

In addition to Star Awards, I’m looking forward to some of the sessions.  I’m not staying at the hotel this year because it’s in Austin.  It seemed silly to budget that other $500 for a hotel when it’s so close. 

I’m hungry.  You ever get that feeling suddenly, out of the blue?  I think I’ll go scrounge up some vittles. 

Matt is sick so I’m letting him sleep in. 

This post is all over the place! 

Munchkin is at her Nana’s house for the long weekend. 

ok, i’m going to eat something now.



I reached a whole new low today.  Or, it could be seen as a triumph because I didn’t wreck the car while I was trying not to puke.  *sigh*

Maybe it was left over disgust at the game last night.  Boy, what a disappointment.  The boys just stopped fighting for it.  We should have won that game. 

On a funny note, at half time (score was 0-0 and it had been a thrilling first half), Coach Monsen (athletic director) called me and asked how my blood pressure was holding up.  *laugh*  I’d tell Matt but he’s not in a mood to receive it with any sense of humor.  He takes a loss so hard.  I wish there was something I could do to encourage him but this is one of those things he’s just got to work through.  It’s what makes him such a great coach. 

Well, I’d better get at it.  Several piles on my desk screaming at me this morning.  *sigh*

only tuesday…really?


It’s been a full week already and it’s only Tuesday!  It feels like I’m trying to compress about three days into each day.  I know that’s because I’m trying to get as much done before I go out of town for my conference but gee willakers!!  (yes, I really said that)

Life is good.  Other than feeling like a seasick monkey every morning (ok, I don’t know about the monkey part but seasick is definitely right), I’m feeling great and really looking forward to our next doctor’s appointment. 

Soccer season is going well.  The boys have won all but one district game. 

Family life is good.  I can’t WAIT to get out of our apartment.  When we moved in, they were nice and quiet.  Not so much any more.  And, I’m tired of carpet and climbing stairs and having no storage space and a galley kitchen not fit for somebody who cooks and…. well, you get the picture.

Well, I’m off to another meeting.

only tuesday…really?


It’s been a full week already and it’s only Tuesday!  It feels like I’m trying to compress about three days into each day.  I know that’s because I’m trying to get as much done before I go out of town for my conference but gee willakers!!  (yes, I really said that)

Life is good.  Other than feeling like a seasick monkey every morning (ok, I don’t know about the monkey part but seasick is definitely right), I’m feeling great and really looking forward to our next doctor’s appointment. 

Soccer season is going well.  The boys have won all but one district game. 

Family life is good.  I can’t WAIT to get out of our apartment.  When we moved in, they were nice and quiet.  Not so much any more.  And, I’m tired of carpet and climbing stairs and having no storage space and a galley kitchen not fit for somebody who cooks and…. well, you get the picture.

Well, I’m off to another meeting.

Whew…bye bye June!


I can’t believe June is just about over…already!

Matt & I met with our pastor last night in what promises to be regular sessions as we close in on THE BIG DAY

Just about everything is planned.  I think.  *laugh*

Work is zooming along as a frantic pace.  Trying to get everything planned out around a little time off is maddening.  Whine, whine, whine

Ok, time to go to the gym and torture myself.  Have I mentioned how MUCH I hate working out??  It’s all for the cause though and dangit if I’m not anything but motivated. 

Later, gators.

it’s 11pm and I’m ok with that


For the first time in a while, I’m not sleeping but I’m not miserable either.  It’s been a NUTZO week at work.  I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say “fun” per se, but I got to do some crisis communication which is certainly (thankfully) out of the ordinary so it’s a nice change.  It really makes you appreciate when you AREN’T in overdrive. 

So, I’m a little behind on several of my projects but they aren’t big nasty deadlines and I should be able to knock them out, sitting on the couch, with my feet up. 

It’s nice to get back to blogging.  In truth, I’ve missed the routine of rambling into cyberspace. 

Have a happy weekend!




Not sleeping is catching up to me. 

Stress wears on my stamina until I am left feeling wrung out and frazzled.  Thinking on my feet is a joke.  I am short-tempered and over-sensitive.  Any percieved criticism is met with gross offence and hurt feelings; which is dumb. 

 And I know it.

Thank goodness for my family and close friends.  They keep me anchored and provide a point upon which I can focus; rather than continue to drift in this haze of exhaustion.

goodnight, friends.

Not enough hands


Every day, my to do list gets longer.  Yes, I chip away at it a little more each day but each day I add new items to it.  It feels like I’ll never get caught up. 

Life, otherwise, is going really well.  I’m seeing a man who I think is the greatest thing since sliced cheese.  He was right in front of me the entire time and I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.  I guess I wasn’t ready to see it.  I had to realize the depth of the fictional story created by my “relationship” with the army before I could really grasp the extent of what I was missing. 

Not one to gush, I find myself smiling those quiet smiles a lot.  Like I know the punchline to a joke and I’m not quite ready to tell it because it still makes me laugh too much. 

In other news, Munchkin loves school.  We’ve made good contacts with her teacher and she seems to really adore her school.  Saturday is her birthday and I think we’re going to Chuck E Cheese.  Yes, really. 

*laugh*  Nah, I think it will be ok.  We are going to invite one of her friends (and her mom) to go with us and then we’ll invite the little girl to stay the night for a first slumber party.  She IS six now….  well, almost. 

Anyway – the list isn’t getting much shorter, so I’d better get at it.