I’m sure this list will be updated periodically…

1. I had NO idea how cold 40 degrees really is until I was getting misted on, sitting on metal stands at a soccer game. good times.

2. I am NOT as good at hiding my feelings as I like to think I am.. (ask my kids)

3. Although I love them dearly, I am getting tired of having pets. Not that I think we’ll ever really NOT have a pet; I’m just sayin’.

4. I can ignore a growling stomach as long as I’m sitting down. After that, I’ve got to eat something. Skipping meals is NOT a good option any more. (drat)

5. I am not the most hard-headed person alive. That would be my darling husband. (it’s just one of the zillion or so reasons why I love him!)

6. At least for now (October 2009), I get bone-crunching tired after about 2 o’clock. It’s crazy.

7. No matter how much you know, you can’t stop feeling.

8. Cleaning really does help clear my head. The harder I scrub, the better I feel. There is a calm that comes from a REALLY clean house.

9. I finally understand what corporate worship means. It doesn’t mean sitting in a big room surrounded by people listening to/singing praise songs and a sermon. It means coming together with other believers and building relationships that strengthen the body, edify the Holy Spirit and demonstrate God’s enduring love for His people and His desire for a love relationship with us.

10. Heartburn will not stop me from craving Las Casas’ La Papas Nachos, with extra jalapenos.

11. I am worse than a seven year old on a long roadtrip…ARE WE THERE YET?!

12. I can love and hate June – at the same time.

13. Popcorn doesn’t taste as good after two or three days in a row.

14. I am not a dog person.

15. Death hurts; regardless if it’s a human or an animal friend.

16. The best way to lose baby weight is to get a puppy. They are more work than the newborn infant.

17. Having a dog means you have a new favorite pastime: sweeping up dog hair.

18. Despite our attempts to thwart it, there is no stopping how fast time goes by.

19. I am rapidly approaching the mindset that we should all be doomsday preppers.

20. Most of my over-busy is self-created. And, that’s not likely to change. Ever.

21. I really did grow up in the wrong generation.

22. Building fences is hard work, but you have to have them or critters will go where they don’t belong.

23. True discipline is sitting up when you just want to lay down.

24. Sometimes the best thing you can give somebody is to say, “no.”

25. There is always room in Mama’s lap.

26. Trying to grow my own nails out while my children are small is like trying to shovel snow in a blizzard. You can do it, but it’s a waste of time. (or so I’ve heard – like Texas ever gets enough snow to actually SHOVEL.)

27. No matter how much easier life will be once something is final, it doesn’t mean it isn’t awful to say goodbye.

28. There are just going to be some days when being a grown-up sucks.


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