When the big day arrives and you are too tired to care…that’s me. *grin* Actually, I’m so excited about today being the last day of work for 2006 that I can hardly see straight.

I still have enough to do that I’ll have to come in at least one day during the break to finish it all up. Oh well. I’ll be in jeans or, better yet, my wind pants and tennis shoes. YES!

Tomorrow, I’m taking Munchkin to school and then going home and getting back into bed. *evil laugh* I LOVE IT! Actually, who am I kidding? I’ll have been up and dressed and outside already. I’ll probably end up on the couch getting in my dose of Ratchet & Clank for the day. I just love that game.

Anyhoo. I can’t really say that I won’t be working as I have a postcard to put together and a little work on the website to do over the holiday. But, for the most part, I’m finished. *whew*

Work on memorizing lines for the show is coming along. It’s rather remarkable, actually. I found memorizing the lines for King & I terribly tedious and difficult as it was an exercise in certain futility. Paige was no more going to be sick or otherwise out of commission during that show. I was simply there as insurance. It was a great opportunity to learn the workings of the show, don’t get me wrong but still…. The difference, though, between learning lines in that script versus this one is amazing! I’m hearing the scenes in my head and am remembering more and more in between readings – I’m hardly even trying and the lines seem to just stick! *grin*

Well, I’m going to try and put the postcard together in the couple of hours I have left at work. *sigh*


Tonight was my first music rehearsal and boy am I beat! I had forgotten how exhausting singing two hours straight is! Now, I know I was in King and I over the summer but that was different. I wasn’t a principal and, therefore, had very little actual singing (I don’t think Getting to Know You counts). But Amalia’s is the singer role and all of her songs are pretty strenuous, both vocally and dramatically. But, they so much fun! (you can’t see it but I’m still kind of doing a happy dance.)

Because I have already learned the music (thanks to a very well-listened-to CD) we began digging in to Amalia’s character tonight! WOW! This character hits me so close that it is almost painful. When I have to reveal the innermost vulnerabilities of this girl that, on the surface has it pretty much all together, it kind of pokes me in the eye. It’s awesome.

Anyway, I know this is a short update but I’m totally beat. I think I’ll put in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and work on going to sleep.

All the Details You Didn’t Need to Know

Friday night we sat around and did nothing. It was fabulous. Saturday we did a little more nothing. Mom and I went out and dropped off a gift at a bridal shower but didn’t stay. Her mother called me a couple of weeks ago and said she saw me on television and tracked me down through Mother (her phone number will never change). I haven’t seen this friend since college and, even then, it was only in passing. When she and I were at Sam Houston, I was already well into my wild phase and she was an RA (I’m never sure whether to use “a” or “an” there) so we ran in different circles. But we were great friends in high school. 100 years ago. (ok, so it was *gulp* 14 years ago but who’s counting?)

Saturday night was awful. I started feeling bad before bed and tossed and turned with a terrible stomach ache all night. I kept thinking, “if I could just throw up, I’d feel better.” You know you are sick when you are hoping to throw up. YUCK. Well, I got my wish on Sunday morning. Great. So, I stayed in bed pretty much all day. That means that I missed taking Munchkin to The Nutcracker. Her Nana and K took her. Bummer. They said she was enthralled. I’m sorry I missed it but am glad she got to go.

Yesterday evening was the big banner program/Christmas pageant at church. Well, it’s finally over. *grin* Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful and, after it all, I’m glad I was able to take part but I am GLAD it’s OVER.

Last night was the first walkthrough for She Loves Me. That was SO fun! Well, it started on a humorous, if a little embarrasing, note. See, apparently, rehearsal began at 6pm. Well, so did the church program. Somewhere, in my brain, I had that it began at 7 (regular start time) so I didn’t even bat an eyelash when they announced the readthrough on Sunday. At 6:40, I left the church to head to rehearsal when I noticed a missed call on my cell. It was the vocal director calling to “remind” me that “we started at 6.” EEK!! I think I made it to Temple College in about six minutes (normally a 12 minute drive). As I come running in the room, the cast begins laughing because I arrived right on cue for my first entrance. In that scene, Amalia is trying to get a job. She’s scatterbrained, flustered and more than a little nervous. It was perfect! I just told the Director that this just proved he type cast me because I seem to run a little late for everything I do! (more laughing ensued)

The run-through was terrific. The cast is really solid vocally and you could see the characters already beginning to click with each other. I am super excited (can you tell?).

I feel fine today but I think I’m going to leave the food one more day. I did try a cup of coffee this morning but was too scared to drink it. I think I’ll make some tea in a bit.

Well, y’all have a loverly day. Later, gators.

Casting Call

Here I was, standing at Business After Hours and my phone rings. It’s Him! “Are you still interesting in playing the part of Amalia?”

So, I’m jumping up and down in the lobby of the Convention Center because I’ve just been given the news that I got the female lead in the musical!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

The Director said that the walkthrough has been moved to Sunday night but that I could pick up my script tomorrow afternoon, if I wanted. I told him that I’d see him tomorrow afternoon then. He just laughed and said, “I kind of thought I might.” *big dumb grin*

I’m beat. I’m going to bed. Night, kids. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. la la la la la

Another Update

Night 2 of auditions. There were more people there (thankfully) but I still feel pretty good about my chances. Made a new friend. He was there to audition and he did great. I’m excited to see if we are cast. That would be fun. If nothing else, I’ve found a new friend with whom I can talk about Harry Potter.

The Director seems pretty sure that he’ll make calls on the cast tomorrow but no later than Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll update as soon as I know something.

Audition Update

Last night was the first night of auditions for She Loves Me. The turnout was smaller than I imagined it would be. Maybe they are all waiting for tonight. Needless to say, I’ll be there again tonight. One, because I’m curious as to who else is coming and, two, because I want to read again.

The audition went well. I sang pretty well and, although it wasn’t my best audition ever, I still feel good about it. The only hitch on the song was that the lady that played the piano played the song at about 1/2 tempo. It was WAY too slow and it kind of took the sparkle out of it. Plus, it made the finale almost impossible to do correctly so it came out a little crackly (dang allergies). Oh well. I could critique my singing all night but the vocal director and the director were smiling when I finished so I guess that means it was ok.

Reading went really well. One of the two scenes I read I had already pegged to be in the audition, when I scanned the script beforehand. It tickled me that I got to read that scene too, because Amalia goes from being snippy and downright mean to terribly disappointed when she realizes that she’s being stood up. It’s a great range of emotions.

Movement was a breeze. This show isn’t dance heavy anyway (thank God) so she just had us do some simple steps and then put them all together. She said she was looking for cooperative people. I can learn anything but dancing on the spot makes me nervous and I tend to trip over my own feet.

The first read-through is Wednesday, so I should know something tomorrow (hopefully). I think I can wait. *grin* I guess I have J to thank for this new level of patience. Waiting on him all the time has expanded my horizons. Ah, growth.

December 3

Mark your calendars, people – the Theatre has announced auditions for She Loves Me (finally). December 3 & 4 at 7pm. The show I’ve been listening to and falling in love with since July is finally upon us. Oh, I hope I get the part.

Anyway, work is good. Busy crazy hectic insane frustrating maddening but good. *laugh* I hope that makes sense.

J is terrific. We were supposed to get together last night but work interfered – again. *sigh* Story of this romance, I think. That’s ok. We are going to try again this weekend. SSHHHH! I can’t say it too loudly or Uncle Sam might hear! *giggle*