WARNING: Contains Spoilers.


Went with Mom to see Hunger Games last night. I’d already seen it and enjoyed how the book was interpreted for the screen. I thought they made certain assumption about the level of familiarity with the content from the books and felt it could lead to confusion for the unaware. I was right. Mom hated it. She didn’t have enough of the back story to really appreciate the subtlety of the story. So, all she saw was the barbaric Hunger Games, the result of 74 years of oppression in the districts as to offer up their children and the excess of the shallow, insipid Capitol. She did not see what I saw.

I loved the characters and the story. I loved the complexity of the crossed plots and the maneuvering. Even in the first book, you could tell there was a LOT more at stake than just the Hunger Games. But more than anything else, I love Katniss.

Katniss’ nearly fatal flaw is her overblown sense of responsibility for everybody. This is something with which I can closely identify.

She sacrificed her own safety to hunt outside the fences for her family. She volunteered as Tribute to protect her little sister. Yes, she had to kill but it was always in defence. She was NOTHING like the District 1 & 2 tributes who were predatory. She looked after Rue. If she were a heartless murderer, she would have taken her out as easy prey. Same thing with Peeta. He was already wounded – why not just let him die or, out of mercy, kill him quickly. But she didn’t do that. Instead, she played up the whole romance thing in order to get sponsors to send what she needed to save Peeta. It would have been faster to the finish line if that’s all she really cared about.

She didn’t love Peeta. She didn’t really want to go along with the star-crossed lovers scenario. The book does a much more thorough job explaining the inner conflict she had with the idea. And the book didn’t make such a meal out of Peeta’s infatuation; the movie over-dramatised that part so she looks much more deceptive. Peeta knew all along she had a thing for Gale and he accepted their actions as a ruse for the cameras. But, because you hadn’t read the book, you didn’t know all that.

She made a number of very calculated risks to survive and protect the people for whom she felt responsible. A very high-stakes game of poker. She paid a very high personal price; as do all guardians. It would have been easier to refuse to fight and be killed right off but she felt like she should at least try and survive in order to get back home to her little sister and Gale. Then she picked up Rue and then Peeta she felt compelled to protect. In the end, she survived. But it’s not until subsequent books do you get the full picture of what her victory would mean for the 12 districts.


Cereal Diaries – Another Christmas Story Reference

I know I’ve blogged before about this movie and how it was never funny until I became a mother; then it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen.  Ok.  So, here’s a new one for you (because I didn’t truly appreciate this scene until Princess Crybaby came along). 

I NEVER thought this was funny…until NOW.  Princess Crybaby used to eat everything you put in front of her.  EVERYTHING.  Now, it is a chore to find ANYTHING she will consistently eat.  Even *gulp* mac and cheese is a toss-up.  Cooked veggies – forget it.  We have to hide them in something else.  But before I get all frustrated because she won’t eat anything resembling healthy, she won’t really eat much that falls into the other category either.  *sigh*

So, we’ve resorted to making noises and funny faces and whatever else we can think of to get her to give us her best little bird impression and gobble up her breakfast, lunch, dinner – SOMETHING. 

Too bad she isn’t old enough to teach the little piggy move. 

Yes, mommyhood also has two purposes: to inform and entertain.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, that’s my cue.

squeals of adolescent estrogen



K & I went on a girls’ night out Friday.  A little dinner, a lot of laughing and….twilight.  It was finally here and it was pretty good.  Oh, it’s no Harry Potter.  Pirates of the Caribbean beat it hands down.  But, it was very fun to see the adaptation of the books we devoured. 

We laughed at the hoardes of young adolescent girls lined up at the ticket counter an hour before the theatre opened.  All text messages were off as their little eyes (and hormones) were glued to the screen.  When Edward appeared on the screen for the first time, the hoard squeeled with delight.  (yes, really)  When Edward and Bella kissed the first time, collective sighs and applause were heard throughout the room.  It was HILARIOUS. 

I thought the Edward character was played pretty well by HP-veteran, Robert Pattinson.  Bella, on the other hand, was played a little too wispy and waif-ish.  I thought Bella carried herself really well in the books.  Yes, she was reserved and a little self-depricating.  But the on-screen teenager was a little breathy; like she was about to have an asthma attack every time she had to talk to Edward.  Oh, before you berate me for soundng so grown-up; yes I remember that breathless first crush.  That feeling of just not knowing what. to. say. when. HE…..walks in the room.  *squeel*  You could say I really got in touch with my inner middle schooler this weekend.  *laugh* 

I will say this, though, the dramatic tension between the Edward and Bella characters was GREAT.  The ratcheted up the tension until you could cut the air with a knife.  IT was great.  That part got an A+. 

I thought the movie, overall, was a little predictable.  They spelled it out a little too clearly.  They didn’t give the audience enough credit.  It was as if they KNEW 96% of the audience has already read all four books so they didn’t have to bother with that little thing called suspense. 

Eh…not bad.  Don’t know that I’ll buy it.  I certainly don’t think HP should have delayed the release eight months for THIS.  I think the death of Dumbledore, the revelations about Snape and Voldemort were WELL WORTH a little healthy competition at the box office.  I think everybody would have won.  And, we’d have a better holiday movie season to look forward to.

a weekend for magical movies

I watched two movies this weekend that were truly … magical.  That’s the only word that comes to mind.  THe first:

WHat a remarkable movie. THe story was fantastic, the music was great (james horner, of course) and the overall experience was spectacular.  I don’t think I blinked six times during the movie – I didn’t want to miss anything.

THe second, tonight, was:

I wept.  It was one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.  The story broke my heart.  His complete faith that he could be found.  Yeah, I definitely want that one. 

It was a good weekend.  Munchkin’s birthday was yesterday and it was a great day.  SHe got to be the center of attention all day; which is always a good choice for her.  *grin* 

I can’t believe she’s six.  Already.  Where did it go?  And if time goes faster as we get older and it’s already going this fast…



‘night, friends.

it’s great – if you don’t mind cop funerals

Saw Dark Knight today.  The highly anticipated new Batman movie.  I hated it.  Sure, there were some really funny moments.  The special effects were fabulous and, as always, Christian Bale is HAWT.  BUT….


Heath Ledger was scary.  I mean crazy scary.  They did that high pitched horror music in several of his scenes – as if you aren’t already tense enough.  Ug. 

And the dead cops everwhere was WAY more than I really wanted to deal with on a Friday matinee.  Thank you but I think I’ll be passing up this one on my “to buy” list.



You must see this movie.  I laughed.  I cried.  Yes, really.  The soundtrack is amazing.  The animation is, of course, fabulous.  It’s funny.  It’s poignant.  It’s darling and I’m in love with this little movie.  Go see it.  TOTALLY kid safe.  It’s WONDERFUL.


Today was a good day.  Work is starting to roll back at a semi-normal clip and it’s nice to get back in the swing of things.  I’m starting to look forward to summer — a time when I can concentrate on projects I don’t have time for now. 

I wish I’d made coffee earlier.  It seems dumb to get up and make a pot just to drink one cup before bed.  I’m such a dork. 

I didn’t get shelves hung last night.  The drill I borrowed from Mom wasn’t powerful enough to get through the shelves and I stripped a screw.  This frustrated me so bad, I started to cry.  What a girl, right?  Well, turns out it really wasn’t about the shelves at all but a combination of being over-tired, the trial AND my general feelings of total inadequacy about construction projects. 

Dang it, my throat is itchy! 

I’m going to bed.  It’s 10pm.  Must sleep. 


You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.  Take her away!